11 월 1-11에서 캘거리의 십자가 필드에서 존경심을 표하십시오

십자가의 필드, 캘거리 AB

Cross Field of Field에서는 매년 11 월 1에서 11에 이르기까지 타락한 사람들에게 경의를 표할 수 있습니다. 보우 리버 북쪽에 세워진 3,000 + 십자선 - Memorial Drive를 따라 -에는 살해당한 남부 앨버타 군인의 이름, 계급, 연대, 사망일, 사망 연령이 새겨 져 있습니다.

있다 매일 두 개의 깃발 행사일출 (깃발 높이기)과 일몰 (깃발 낮추기). 특별한 현충일 서비스 (virtual for 2020) will be held at the park on November 11th, after the 조명의 밤.

There have been changes for November 2020 due to COVID-19, of course.

  • Sunrise and Sunset ceremonies will be held from November 1 – 11, 2020, but only invited attendees will be allowed access to the restricted area around the Cenotaph.
  • Night of Lights will be overnight on November 10 – 11, 2020. The fallen will be honoured within the Field of Crosses by placing a candle in front of each cross which will burn until sunrise. The park will be closed from 11 am until approximately 4 pm or until the candles are all in place. Only pre-designated volunteers will be allowed onsite to help with the setup of the candles.
  • There will be no Sunrise or Sunset ceremonies on Remembrance Day and the Remembrance Day Ceremony (normally at 10:30 am) will be a virtual event broadcast live from the Field of Crosses by Global Calgary. The virtual event will also be live-streamed. Only those taking part in the ceremony will be allowed in the park during the live ceremony. After 2 pm, the park will open to the public but will be limited to 100 people on the field at any one time.

Field of Crosses Memorial Park (Sunnyside Bank Park) is located on the north side of Memorial Dr. between Centre St. and 3 St. NW. There is parking available at the west end of the park; be aware that parking may be difficult to find . You can also park in the Eau Claire area and walk across the footbridge.

십자가의 들판 :


언제: 11 월 1-11, 2020
어디에: Sunnyside Bank Park (참조 : 지도)
웹 사이트: www.fieldofcrosses.com

현충일 서비스

언제11 월 11, 2020
시각: 10:30 am (To Be Confirmed)
어디에: Sunnyside Bank Park (참조 : 지도)

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