День парков Фиш-Крик и Крикфест - переосмысление до 2020 года!

Creekfest 2020 (Семейный отдых в Калгари)

Alberta Parks and Fish Creek Provincial Park normally celebrate Parks Day & Creekfest in July with a summer afternoon in the park learning about this unique urban oasis and a variety of activities including guided nature walks, games, interactive displays, and live performances. The summer of 2020 won’t be the same, with the usual hands-on activities and educational opportunities, but Creekfest has been reimagined from July 18 – 24, 2020.

This family celebration of nature is part of the Friends’ Watershed Awareness Campaign, helping raise awareness about protecting the local waterways. Kids and families can have fun learning about environmental stewardship, conservation and biodiversity from local organizations and performers! Rather than taking place on one day, families can get involved, either virtually or at select in-person events, over multiple days.

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День парков и Крикфест:

Когда: 18 июля - 24, 2020
Веб-сайт: www.friendsoffishcreek.org

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