The BHP Enchanted Forest in Saskatoon opened on Friday, November 18th! It’s open daily until January. I decided to take my son as a surprise after he was done a swimming lesson. It was the perfect ending to our week. I’m glad we went for the opening night. You can see these beautiful lights at the Saskatoon Zoo and Forestry Farm. We’ll probably aim to go one more time before the beautiful lights are taken down for the season.

Photo by Erin McCrea

We arrived at about 5:20 to beat the first-night rush. The gates open at 5:30 and there were about five vehicles in front of us. It wasn’t completely dark when we started the drive but dark enough to hear my son’s “ohs and ahs” from the back seat. It was also the perfect time to see the oranges and pinks in the sky from the sunset. It got darker as we went and it was wonderful.

Photo by my son.

My son loves having his own camera to take photos and I’ve been very impressed with his pictures. He was clicking away as we drove and got some very unique ones. I imagine it’s pretty hard to take photos while sitting in a car seat in the middle of the car but he got some really good ones.

There was very nice spacing between the vehicles so we had a lot of time for photos and to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounded us.

He kept saying he was having the best night ever and he was sure he’s never been there before, but we’ve made sure it’s a tradition to go every year, at least once. By next year, my little one will know that it is one of our many Christmas traditions and he’ll be a little less surprised when we stop by. The Holiday Light Tour has become one of my favourites.


It’s even better when I have a little one excitedly pointing everything out. We love the old favourites – we always sing the 12 Days of Christmas as we see each one. (For clarity, we don’t sing it well!)

Photo by Erin McCrea

We also keep our eyes open for the new ones. Every year, they have new additions and it’s fun to see all the changes.

Photo by Erin McCrea.

We had a blast driving around. The BHP Enchanted Forest takes about half an hour to get through. We drive quite slow as we go so we can take the time to see everything. I’ll be honest I’m sure there are things that we missed which is why a second visit is important!

Photo by Erin McCrea.

If you’ve never been, they have a radio station you can tune into while you drive. It’s the perfect start listening to Christmas music! My son and I sang along as we drove around. They also have information about the lights on the station.

Photo by Erin McCrea.

We brought some hot chocolate in our travel mugs so it truly felt like a Christmas event. It was a special occasion with delicious drinks! Next time, we’ll bring some candy canes with us for the hot chocolate.

Photo by Erin McCrea.

It was a wonderful time and the perfect event to get us into our holiday spirit. We are now fully ready to celebrate the Christmas season, thanks to this wonderful family tradition.

BHP Enchanted Forest in Saskatoon

Dates: Nov 19, 2021, to January 9, 2022
Time: Nightly 5:30 to 10

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