Looking for a preschool rooted in child-centred learning? At Brilliant Star Montessori School, we strive to build the foundation of a lifelong love of learning in your child by tapping into their natural curiosity. Our vision is to develop caring and respectful individuals who positively contribute to the world around them.

Brilliant Star Montessori PreschoolWhat is Montessori?

Montessori is a unique approach to learning in which facilitators introduce the child to materials that he or she is likely to be interested in and which are specifically designed to develop and enhance their senses. The children are also given the freedom to choose the materials they work with. The focus is for each child to explore and develop at his or her own pace in an atmosphere where learning through helping, working and playing is pleasurable. The children advance through their work as they are ready, always ensuring a high degree of understanding and mastery while building upon their foundations. Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) developed her philosophy of education through careful observation and thorough training in medicine, psychology, and anthropology.  She observed that children pass through ‘sensitive periods’ of development in their early years when they are particularly receptive to certain stimuli. She used this knowledge to develop the popular Montessori method.

Brilliant Star Montessori PreschoolWhy Brilliant Star Montessori School?

Our fully-certified Montessori classroom directors will provide a peaceful and caring environment that nurtures the development of your child as well as their natural curiosity for learning. We are nestled in a house in the Sutherland neighborhood which has been converted into a school facility. Our school is your child’s home away from home and has a beautiful fenced yard and gardens. These spaces allow for unique and spontaneous opportunities for learning and exploring outdoors as part of our classes. Our beautiful school setting—indoor and outdoor—provides children with a gentle sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world. We are committed to becoming a green school with many green initiatives in our curriculum and in our classrooms.

What We Offer:

Half-Day Preschool (Age 3 & 4 – new students)

$450 /month + (an annual $125 supply fee and $25 activity fee).
This is a half day (morning or afternoon) Monday – Friday program

Double Session (returning second year students)

$800/month + (an annual $175 supply fee & $25 activity fee)
This is a full day, Monday – Friday program for second year preschoolers

Full-Day Kindergarten (Age 5)

$650/month + (an annual $175 supply fee & $100 activity fee)
This is a full day, Monday – Friday program
***There is a $125, non-refundable, yearly registration fee per family***

Full Day Lower Elementary (Grades 1 – 4)

$620/month + (an annual $175 supply fee & $150 activity fee)
This is a full day, Monday – Friday program

Brilliant Star Montessori PreschoolRegister for Brilliant Star Montessori School Today

Classes Start: September 2018
Where: 700 Gray Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2J3
Phone: 306 281-2011
For more Information: www.brilliantstarmontessori.com/