With Canlan Sports Fall Programs, your path to becoming better starts now! Your kids can start their sports journey by learning how to skate and continuing to develop that skill through learning how to play hockey.

Canlan Sports’ Learn to Skate programs focus on the fundamentals of skating, teaching the basics for your child to progress at their own pace. Once they’ve mastered their skating skills, they can learn the game they love, hockey.

Canlan Sport’s PlayForward Pathway Hockey development programs are taught through play-based instruction which helps make learning more fun!

If your young one loves the ice but needs somewhere to start, Canlan Sports’ programs are the perfect opportunity for them to start with learning to skate. If they’re ready to take the next steps in their sports journey with hockey, make sure to sign them up for fall programs.

Start skating & playing today. Registration is open!

Canlan Sports Programs 

Learn to Skate – Parent and Child: This is the safest way to get your child on the ice. With help and assistance from parents and coaches, this program will have fun and educational games and activities to help your child get comfortable on the ice. For ages 3-5.

Learn to Skate – Preschool: This program is great for kids who are a little more independent from their parents but still may need a skating aide. They’ll learn basic skating skills with hands-on support from Canlan Sports friendly instructors. For ages 3-5.

Learn to Skate – Youth: This program will focus on the fundamentals of skating and prepares participants with the essential skills to participate in hockey, ringette, or figure skating.  For ages 6-8 or 8-10.

Play to Learn – Youth: This introductory program is for those with a basic understanding of how to skate and ready to learn the game of hockey. Participants will work on forward stride, hockey stance, stops and turns and more. For ages 4-8

Play to Develop – Youth: Once participants have completed all the milestones in Play to Learn, Canlan will begin the next steps to learning the fundamentals. They will focus on forward passing, backward skating stride, basic stickhandling and more. For ages 6-12.

Play to Perform – Youth: Play to Perform is the 3rd and final program in Canlan’s Play Forward Pathway once your child has mastered Play to Develop. Players will look to fully round out their game by working on shooting in stride, making tight turns with the puck, forehand and backhand passing, along with many other skills. For ages 8-14.

Specialty Hockey – Youth: Canlan Sports has focused hockey programs to improve technique, enhance your skills and play your best game. The specialty programs include Passing, Shooting and Scoring, Speed Agility and Stick Handling and Elite Conditioning and Hockey Skills.

Canlan Sports Fall Programs

When: October to December 2022
Where: Canlan Sports
Address: 2301 Grasswood Rd, Corman Park No. 344 SK. S7T1C8
Website: www.canlansports.com