Great news! You can register for Channel Performance Fall Classes. Your kids are sure to have a blast! If your children are passionate about sports and learning new things, they will love taking a fall class with dedicated and dynamic teaching and coaching team members. They feel the same passion as your kids.

Channel Performance is Saskatoon’s first multi-sport and cross-training studio. They focus on building a well-rounded individual. Channel Performance is a Gymnastics Club, Track Club, Cheer Club, Dance Studio and so much more! The coaching team is committed to providing in-house inquiry learning and long-term training expertise. They offer an amazing range of classes for babies to adults. Multi-sport athletes will reduce the chance of injury by training the body physically and mentally. They are shown to have a faster increase in development in the sport they choose. Kids who have joined Channel Performance will have a positive and healthy mindset and gain some great life skills. They will look forward to continuing lessons.

A Few of the Amazing Fall Classes

Youth Track -Available for 12 and older, twice a week.

Intellidance – babies, tots and kids (parented and unparented classes)

Channel Excellence Program – 10 disciplines; track, gymnastics, tennis, hands-on cooking class, Pilates, yoga, karate, Multi-sport flexibility (Alixa flexibility), Element Core Control, and Public Speaking.

Circus Studio; Hoop – strength training; by using your own body weight

Gymnastics club – artistic, rhythmic and acro gymnastics

Dance Studio – Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Acro

Performance Cheer – Hip Hop, Pom, Jazz (Teams U8, U12, U16, U18)

Track Club – Junior and Youth and Adult

Alixa Flexibility – Multi-sport flexibility program. Takes one with no flexibility to a contortionist-level.

Karate – 4 yrs old to Adult.

Classes can be bundled together.

Channel Performance Fall Classes

When: September 2022 to June 2023
Where: Channel Performance Studio (some classes are off location)
Address: Bay D- 119 105th Street East