The number of Covid-19 cases has risen in Saskatchewan. We improved over the summer, but our numbers have risen again. Here’s the update on restrictions in Saskatoon. From cancellations to closures to potential shortages, Family Fun Saskatoon will endeavour to keep abreast of the latest developments affecting your family with regards to Coronavirus in Saskatoon. As of February 5, 2021, families should be aware of the following:

Coronavirus in Saskatoon: Things Your Family Needs to Know

Cancellations + Closures

Visitation at hospitals and long-term care facilities is limited to essential visitors only.

Saskatoon Public Library locations are open to borrow and browse books, but certain activities and rooms are closed until further notice.

Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra Events are postponed.

Michaels has cancelled all in-store crafting events until further notice including Michaels Kids Club.

Movies for Mommies events are cancelled.

Saskatoon Public Schools are to remain open for now but have cancelled mass gatherings, field trips, speakers and open houses. Parent-teacher conferences will be held over the phone.

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools are to remain open but have cancelled mass gatherings, field trips, speakers and open houses. Parent-teacher conferences will be held over the phone.

All National Lacrosse League games including our own Saskatchewan Rush have been CANCELLED.

Home Depot FREE workshops are cancelled.

General Information about COVID-19

Individuals experiencing fevers and coughs are encouraged to call Healthline 811 even if symptoms are mild.

Effective Thursday, November 19, mandatory masking in indoor public places will be province-wide.

Non-essential travel is discouraged.

Parents should educate children about social-distancing. No hugs, no handshakes, no kisses, no sharing food/drink.

Parents should remind children about proper handwashing with soap and water, scrubbing hands for the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday. Coughing should be directed into one’s sleeve or elbow.

Visiting elderly grandparents if ill is not advised.

Public and private outdoor gatherings are permitted up to 10 persons. Persons in attendance must ensure that physical distancing of at least 2 meters between households is maintained.

All persons that have been identified by a Medical Health Officer as having novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) shall immediately go into mandatory self-isolation until such time as a Medical Health Officer determines that they no longer pose a public health threat.

All persons that have been identified by a Medical Health Officer as a close contact of a person or persons with COVID-19 shall go into mandatory self-isolation for 14 days from the date of last having been exposed to COVID-19.

Indoor private gatherings held in private dwellings or outbuildings associated with private dwellings are restricted to those who ordinarily reside in the private dwelling, except in the following circumstances:
(i) A person who resides on their own may choose one other household with which to connect for the duration of this Order. That person may attend the other household’s private dwelling provided no more than 4 persons ordinarily reside in that private dwelling. The person and the members of the household may not change for the duration of the order. For clarity, a person who resides on their own may not visit or host multiple households and households may not visit or host multiple persons who reside on their own. At all, times there can be no more than 5 persons in the gathering.
(ii) Individuals who are the parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 years who co-parent the children or who have custodial or access rights pursuant to a court order, a custody and access agreement or other form of the agreement are permitted to continue with co-parenting and to continue to follow the terms of such orders or agreements; and
(iii)Caregivers, support personnel, and tradespersons are permitted and are not included when determining the number of people in a private dwelling.

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Stay tuned! We will endeavour to keep you and your family in the loop as this situation unfolds.