Crossmount Cider Company’s Fall Apple Harvest Celebration is this September. Drop off your backyard harvest up until September 29th. They will be stored in cool conditions until the big day! All those who donate their apples will receive a portion of their hard-earned labour in freshly pressed apple juice. In addition, all the pomace collected will be donated to the Prairie Swine Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.
How to participate: Pick your apples (please do not include rotten apples or apples that are already on the ground) and put them in a garbage bag and drop them off behind the cidery. After you drop off your apples, come to the tasting room and we’ll write down your name, phone number, and email. Once we have your contact information, we’ll press the apples on September 30th and your juice will be ready for pick up between September 30th and Oct. 2nd!

Fall Apple Harvest Celebration

Date: September 30, 2021
Time: 12 pm to 3 pm
Location: 30 Glen Road