Do you have a school-age child who LOVES adventure and play? Your children are going to love Forest School Summer Camp. Tykes and Tots are excited to offer a 7-week camp program. Every week will include traditional Forest School practices and will cover the 8 areas of risky play. The 8 areas are great heights, great speed, tool use, play near dangerous elements, rough and tumble play, disappearing, play with impact, and vicarious play. Each week will focus to create a better connection to the space where we live, play and grow.

Your child will have an exciting week making discoveries, meeting new friends, and most of all having a blast! They will learn and become confident in their exploration of the world. Your campers will have so much to share about what they’ve learned throughout the week!

About Tykes and Tots

Tykes and Tots Early Learning Centre is a multi-facility childcare organization offering quality care for your kids. They offer licensed early learning (child care) programs, before and after school programs, school-age summer care and Forest School summer camps. All of the programs provide a safe, fun environment for children to grow and play.

Forest School Summer Camp Schedule 2023

All sessions run 8:00 am-4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Week 1: Ecosystems and me

When: July 10 – 14 | Where: Robert Hunter West Park | Cost: $300
Take a closer look at the flora and fauna around us to learn how we are all connected and how our choices affect the environment.

Week 2: Bushcraft Tools

When: July 17 – 21 |  Where: Robert Hunter West Park | Cost: $300
Creating tools with natural materials, building things with those self-made tools, and proper tool safety.

Week 3: Food Foraging and Fun

When: July 24 – 28 | Where: Gabriel Dumont Park | Cost: $300
Learn how to identify plants, bushes, and berries. We will learn about the purpose they have in our environment, how to use a solar oven, and how to prepare foods from nature.

Week 4: Bushcraft Tools 2.0 and Connect to Nature

When: July 31 – August 4 | Where: Robert Hunter West Park | Cost $300
Focusing on Tools, creating tools with natural materials. And taking a pause and deeper look at the beauty of nature, through meditation, yoga, art, journaling, and photography.

Week 5: Survivor Skills and The Land Beneath Us

When August 8 – 11 | Where: Gabriel Dumont Park | Cost $240
Learning about First Aid situations, what to do when lost, and fire and water safety. Researching the history of the space, coming from a geological, societal, and Indigenous perspective.

Week 6: Survivor Skills

When: August 14 – 18 | Where: Robert Hunter West Park | Cost: $300
Learn about First Aid situations, what to do when lost, and fire and water safety. We will also learn how to prepare for outdoor excursions.

Week 7: I Spy

When: August 21 – 25 | Where: Robert Hunter West Park | Cost: $300
Take a closer look into nature: the birds, the insects, examining life cycles, etc.

Forest School Summer Camp

When: July and August, 2023
Where: Naturalized places in Saskatoon
For more information please email Denise at