We were creepin’ it real at the Lawson Heights Haunted House over the weekend. My son has been obsessed with all things Halloween lately. When I found out that Saskatoon Fun was having a Haunted House all month long, I knew my little spooktacular child would be very excited. I was a bit worried that it might be too scary for my five-year-old but it was perfect for him. We’ve done Saskatoon Fun events before, and have always enjoyed them.

lawson heights haunted house

We were the first ones in so they let us take a few trips around the haunted house. They also kept the lights on for us for our first two walks. They turned it off when my son confirmed he was ready to be scared. I’m glad we got that time with the lights on. I wasn’t sure what we’d see on our walk or if my son would be scared and it gave us time to check out the items. Every time we went around, my son found something new to point out.

He loved every section. He really loves being scared but he also enjoys exploring and discovering the world around him. This was a perfect experience for his age. There were some parts he went through faster because he likes to be scared, and some that he could spend all day in.

Lawson Heights Haunted House

The “scary” devil was the only thing my son wouldn’t pose with. He took a photo of me next to it, but he thought the devil was too scary to stand near. Even with the lights off, he loved exploring everywhere else.

Lawson Heights Haunted House

We got to see more things with the lights off. We were very excited to see this pirate! I tried to get my little goblin to have a dance party with me in this section. It didn’t last long but we were able to shake our BOO-ty for a little bit. He had too much to see.

They have a photo booth at the end for photos or boomerangs and they will send them straight to your phone. These were our scared faces, and I’ll admit they need some work!

Our experience ended with a magic trick. My son talked about that trick for the rest of the day. He continued to try to fist-bump me to make a pom magically appear into my hand. It hasn’t worked yet.  They also have a section at the end for purchasing treat buckets or ballons. You aren’t obligated to buy anything, but it’s a nice treat for your kids if you want.

Lawson Heights Haunted House

Date: Every weekend in October 2021
Price: $8.50 per person – kids two years old and under are free.
Location: Lawson Heights Mall