S-U-M  M-E-R! It’s F-U-N at Prairie Fire Cheerleading Summer Camps! The hottest season of the year is heating up at Saskatoon’s Prairie Fire Cheerleading. This club is devoted to skills development, active fun and team building is offering summer camps, and they would love for your kids (ages 3 and up) to join in the FUN! With two sprung floors, tumbling equipment and the best equipment and coaches in Saskatchewan, Prairie Fire has the perfect recipe for an unforgettable week of summer camp.  Here’s what’s happening for summer 2022:

Cheer and Art Camps

This summer Prairie Fire Cheerleading will be running two-day (9 am -4 pm) camps that will combine cheerleading skills and training with Art. The Cheerleading training will include tumbling, jumps, dance, cheer and stunting. The art portion of the camp will include a daily art piece and a two-day project.

Learn to Cheer

Learn to cheer opportunities happen weekly through evening classes or two-day (9-11:30 am) camps. This is a great opportunity to try tumbling, jumps, dance, cheer and stunting.

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling classes run throughout the summer in the evenings. They have classes for ages 4-19+  and training skills organized into levels 1-6. Athletes will learn rolls, cartwheels, bridges to back handsprings and layouts. These classes continue with athlete readiness to tucks, layouts, whips and full-twisting.

Register TODAY for Prairie Fire Cheerleading Summer Camps

When: Summer 2022
Where: 421 42nd Street E, Saskatoon SK
For more information email: info@prairiefirecheerleading.ca
Or visit: www.prairiefirecheerleading.ca/