There’s a new kid in town! Prairie Jurassic, which opened in Fall 2017, is a one-of-a-kind attraction that has something for everyone in the family! It marries a Jurassic theme to the best technology in arcade games, laser tag, and black light, a combination, says owner Troy Burke, that is unparalleled in any facility in North America! With operations already in full swing and new features on the horizon, Prairie Jurassic has gained momentum on the Saskatoon entertainment scene and shows no sign of slowing down. Here are a few things you will want to check out on your next trip…

8 Ways to Play at Prairie Jurassic Family Fun Centre

Prairie Jurassic1/ Experience 4-D at the T. Rex Arcade

The T. Rex arcade has something to suit all tastes. Purchase 25 tokens for $20 or individual tokens at $1 each, and choose from games like the 4-D simulator Dream Raiders, Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, Air Hockey, or a variety of racing games.

2/ Dodge Bullets with Nerf Wars

With maneuverable obstacles, the fun of Nerf Wars is taken up a notch in Prairie Jurassic’s multi-purpose room! Team up or go solo in a classic game of dodging bullets.


Prairie Jurassic3/ Get Your Blood Pumping with a Rousing Game of Laser Tag

Suitable for those 7 and up (and over 48 inches), Laser Tag at Prairie Jurassic runs in a state of the art room full of diverse obstacles, nooks, crannies, and comes equipped with smoke machines which make lasers visible across long distances.

4/ Watch Your Back in Black Light Dodge Ball

In Prairie Jurassic’s multi-purpose room, you and a group of friends can try your hand at some old school dodgeball with the added challenge of black light!

Prairie Jurassic2/ Get Your Mission Impossible On in the Laser Maze

Dodge, jump, and duck your way through Prairie Jurassic’s laser maze! This feature is suitable for all ages and is especially fun for little ones when modified to Bean Busters where kids are encouraged to hit all the lasers they possibly can!


6/ Get Serious with a Game of Archery Tag

For ages 12 and up, archery tag involves some serious skill, grit, and safety equipment! Bring your friends or your office mates, and gear up for game of Archery Tag in the multi-purpose room.

Prairie Jurassic7/ Get Freaky with ‘Time Freak’

A game to please all-ages, Time Freak is your opportunity to show the opposing team who’s boss as you race against time to hit as many of the ‘moving targets’ as possible.

8/ Let Prairie Jurassic Do the Hosting at Your Next Birthday Party

Let a skillful host a Prairie Jurassic take care of your next birthday! Little ones will enjoy an interactive dinosaur experience with a Pangea-themed party while older ones will relish the opportunity to enjoy many of the facility’s features during a Triceratops party. Contact the facility for more information and customize your next party.

Hope to see you and your family soon at Prairie Jurassic!