I have always been grateful that my son was born in May. It opens up the possibilities for birthday party locations, both indoors and outdoors. My family is always happier outside so we decided to go with a unique idea! We wanted a birthday party that allowed us to have movement, noise and fun and the Punch Buggy Express was the answer!

If you haven’t heard of the Punch Buggy Express, this amazing pedal bus (powered by children) was introduced to Saskatoon last year. It hit the trails downtown. The children’s pedal bus has seats 10 people plus the cycle guide. Seats include two adult seats, six child seats and two small child seats.

Punch Buggy Express in front of the Remai. Photo by Erin McCrea.

We had 7 kids in total (including my son) so they took turns riding in the front. I was lucky enough to catch the fun and watch the excitement from the adult seat in the back. My son loves all things pink, monster trucks and really anything with wheels so we decided to paint the town pink! We wanted to keep things interesting for the ride as we went, and the kids looked for the Pink People to collect some party favours.

The Pink Punch Buggy Crew. Photo by Erin McCrea.

The little guests all came in pink attire and along the route, stopped for pink sunglasses, pink water bottles (filled with water for the hot day), pink bubble wands and some pink toy cars! The Punch Buggy Express has storage so they could keep the items safely in the front with some gift bags. We also stopped to have some cotton candy and to blow some bubbles.

Punch Buggy Express Birthday

Punch Buggy Express – Spreading Cheer. Photo by Erin McCrea.

Along the way, the children waved at people we passed. They spread joy, happiness, and smiles. Claire, our cycle guide, made sure to tell the children about where we were. She had many jobs. She was our guide, she made sure all the children were safe AND she was also the DJ. She took requests and had a speaker hooked up for all the kids to sing and dance. These amazing (and very cool) kids cheered, sang, pedalled, and had a blast.

Riverlanding Dole Whip. Photo by Erin McCrea.

We were on the Punch Buggy Express for about an hour and ended back where we started at Riverlanding. We grabbed some Dole Whip for our guests from The Sugar Shack and ended the amazing day with a few presents. It was a warm day but we had a blast (the kids and the adults!) Punch Buggy Express was a great choice for my active little one’s birthday party.

Punch Buggy Express Birthday

When: Summer, 2023
Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/punchbuggyexpress

Looking for more to add to a birthday party downtown? Don’t forget to grab some Ice Cream and treats for the kids.