Do you have a child who LOVES to create? If they are full of curiosity and the urge to make new things, a Saskatoon Makerspace Summer Camp might be perfect for them. They will enjoy an entire week of camp where they get to create something new every day. A Makerspace camp will be filled with creativity, exploration, and hands-on learning.

This week is designed for campers with curious minds and adventurous spirits who love to tinker, build, and create. Your kids will explore a variety of exciting mediums, from 3D printing to laser cutting, woodworking and painting, decal cutting to screen printing, and everything in between. The experienced leaders will guide you every step of the way and help you unleash your inner maker. Campers will have access to high-quality tools and a supportive community of fellow makers. It will be a summer of fun and endless possibilities at the Saskatoon Makerspace Summer Camp! Your child will make friends that enjoy making new things as well and they’ll have a week of learning new ways to create.


More About Saskatoon Makerspace

“We come together to make good things. The act of creating helps a community flourish.”

Saskatoon Makerspace is a 10,000+ square foot facility located in downtown Saskatoon. Find a growing community that loves to be a part of a creative environment, and is open to new possibilities. Let’s empower Saskatoon to make!

Saskatoon Makerspace Summer Camp Weeks:

Saskatoon Makerspace is offering 8 weeks of summer camp. Each week is 4 days, from 9 am- 3:30 pm. Lunch and snacks are provided by Saskmilk, Bagel Shop YXE, Michael’s Independent, Evan & Ila’s No Frills, and Gord’s No Frills each day.

Ages 8 – 10
Week 1 July 4 – 7
Week 2 July 10 – 13
Week 3 – August 14 – 17

Ages 11 – 13
Week 1 July 17 – 20
Week 2 July 24 – 27
Week 3 August 21 – 24

Ages 14 – 16
Week 1 July 31 – August 3
Week 2 August 28 – 31

Cost: $355+tax!

Saskatoon Makerspace Summer Camp

When: Summer 2023
Where: 209 Avenue D South, Saskatoon