Do you have a sports enthusiast in your family? Look no further, as basketball continues to soar in popularity throughout North America, you can take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your skill set and deepen your love for the game by joining The Basketball Experience this Spring! Regardless of the level of experience, from a beginner eager to try a new sport to an avid fan with a passion for the game, you can participate in any one of their Skill Development Programs or Clinics, and cultivate your skills in this beloved sport. Get ready to fall in love with basketball like never before!

The passion for basketball shines bright at The Basketball Experience, and they strive to ignite that same flame in the next generation. At The Basketball Experience, their objective is to design programs that cater to individuals of all ages, skill levels, and genders, working hard to teach meaningful skills on the court that will translate to a game environment. Their highly qualified and dedicated staff also recognizes that while sports are a crucial aspect of development, they can also be used as a powerful educational tool. Their coaches approach every program with the aim of imparting life lessons and promoting a growth mindset through the exciting game of basketball. Join us in creating a fun and impactful experience for all.
Their programs can be experienced by any child ages 4 to 18, at any skill level! Empower the future through the power of sport and basketball! Enroll your child today in one of their programs or clinics, and see the impact a Basketball Experience can have!

​Skill Programs (8 Weeks, 1 Hour Long)

Skills Programs are offered by age.

Ages 4 – 7 | Co-ed | Tuesdays at 6pm March 14th to May 2nd

Ages 8 – 10 | Co-ed | Fridays at 6pm March 17th to May 5th or Saturdays at 2pm March 18th to May 6th

Ages 11 – 13 | Boys | Fridays at 7pm March 17th to May 5th or Saturdays at 3pm March 18th to May 6th

Ages 11 – 15 | Girls | Wednesdays at 7pm March 15th to May 3rd

Ages 14 – 18 | Boys | Fridays at 8pm March 17th to May 5th

Skills Learned

Shooting: From a fundamental understanding of how to shoot the ball properly, to developing the confidence to let it fly without thinking.

Ball Handling: This is an important skill set to allow your kids to be more mobile, and more useful with the ball in your hands.

Passing: Teammates will learn how to pass the ball in a way that gets their teammates into a position to succeed.

Basketball 101: This entails all the X Factor pieces of basketball that make it such an amazing sport.

Defense and Rebounding: Good offence can win games. Good defence and rebounding can win championships.

The Basketball Experience – Spring Lessons

When: Spring 2023
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