Are your kids ready to take their voices to the next level? Join The Sound of Success, a 2-week vocal intensive that will transform their singing abilities! This vocal bootcamp, for ages 12 and up, is designed to help strengthen foundational performance skills by utilizing Neuro-Vocal techniques and much more. Perfect for aspiring musicians, actors and anyone looking to improve their vocal abilities, The Sound of Success will help your children learn and practice. Using Microphone genres like Pop, Musical Theatre and Rock you will gain the confidence and skills you need to succeed in the competitive world of entertainment.

What to Expect:

Those attending the vocal bootcamp will be focusing on Neuro-Vocal Method. They will use neuroscience to teach the singer brain hacks. When they learn how their brain makes their singing work, singers can create a shorter path to authentic singing with loads of stamina.

Campers will work with other participants to learn about ensemble singing and practice new techniques. These participants will also be your audience when they are working on solo pieces.

They will learn to perform in front of others with control and stability and embrace their unique sound. The world needs to hear your kids!


Register before June 10th to get early bird registration.

Sonia Reid has 25 years of vocal coaching experience. Your aspiring musicians will be learning new vocal techniques to help find and stabilize the sound they crave. Your child will learn to show the world their uniqueness and share their sound. They will learn more about performance and find out how to achieve freedom in their sound.

The Sound of Success

When: July 10-21, 2023
Time: 9 am – 12 pm daily
Where: Saskatoon