SCI-FI Summer Camps will give your kids an engaging, diverse and FUN camp experience this summer! University of Saskatchewan SCI-FI summer camp has programs running weekly for eight weeks in July and August and offers six unique types of camp: Science Camps, Technology Camps, Computer Science Camps, Medical Science Camps, Nutrition Camps, and Veterinary Medicine Camps.  The University of Saskatchewan keeps camps fresh with new activities each year so returning campers can enroll in their favourite camp and still expect a fun and challenging experience! Camp registration is based on grade level and you can register your child for the grade they will be entering in the fall! Check out what’s on offer for SCI-FI Summer Camps 2022:

SCI-FI Summer Camps Grades 1-2

Mackenzie: Curiosity (Grade 1-2)

Enjoy outdoor activities, learn computer language by playing with Ozobots and expand kids curiosity to explore the world around them in this project-based camp. Spark your children’s curiosity to explore the world!

Mackenzie: Discovery (Grade 1-2)

Discover the ecosystem in our own backyard through a variety of outdoor explorations, a visit to the Natural History Museum and a special guest visitor from the Zoo Society!

Jurassic Adventures (Grade 1-2) (NEW THIS YEAR!)

A Dinosaur Camp! Perfect for your junior paleontologists! Is your child obsessed with dinosaurs? Do they know the difference between a pterodactyl with a pteranodon? They can explore the world of Dinos and Geology at this Jurassic Adventure!

SCI-FI Summer Camps Grades 3-4

Mad Science (Grade 3-4)

Release your inner mad scientist at this amazing summer camp full of potions, mess, slime, lab coats, goggles, test tubes, and more! Oh My!

Master Makers Jr. (Grade 3-4)

Is there a budding engineer in your household? Master Makers Jr. Camp promises a week of fun with electricity, energy, and hydraulics! Campers will also get to test their robotics skills by building robots with Lego Mindtorms.

Mission to Mars (Grade 3-4)

Back by popular demand! This mission begins with Astronaut training for a journey to Mars! Blast off and land at a research base where campers will examine the structure of the planet and what would be required for life on Mars in this unforgettable camp combining astronomy, ecology, geology, and fun! This camp involves hands-on projects and a trip to the campus observatory.

Codemakers- Minecraft (Grade 3-4)

Architecture, engineering and Minecraft! It’s no wonder this camp is back by popular demand! Learn basic coding, complete hands-on building challenges and take home some Minecraft-inspired projects.

SCI-FI Summer Camps Grades 5-6

Newton (Grade 5-6)

Challenge yourself with hands-on tech and engineering projects at this camp focused on building scientific and technological concepts. Your aspiring engineer will also get to design and build a Lego robot!

Codemakers – Web Development (Grade 5-6)

Create your own interactive website through your newfound knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Forensic Science Camp (Grade 5-6)

Be a Crime Scene Investigator for a week, SCI-FI Style! Use real-deal forensic methods including fingerprint analysis, projectile trajectory, DNA, blood types, and much more. To end off the week, the student will use their skills to solve a crime and save the day!

FX- The Science of the Movies (Grade 5-6)

This one is so good it is offered twice during the summer! Discover the secrets behind your favourite Hollywood movies at this camp which combines technology, chemistry, and physics. Learn some tricks of the trade and uncover some of that ‘movie magic!’

Bentham: Veterinary Medicine (Grade 5-6)

Become a veterinarian for a week at this camp where kids will enjoy the opportunity to do animal exams, learn about animal physiology and behaviour, perform a simple dissection and interact with real live animals. A highlight will be a behind-the-scenes look at a number of WCVM facilities including the dairy barn, small animal clinic, and anatomy lab.

Savoury Science – Cooking and Nutrition (Grade 5+)

Engage your kids in activities and experiences that promote healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food. Savoury Science Camp offers hands-on food preparation, food science experiments and opportunities to help your kids understand where their food comes from. Offered in partnership with the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

SCI-FI Summer Camps Grades 7+

Osler – Medical Science Camp (Grade 7+)

Nutrition, pharmacology, physiology, kinesiology, biochemistry, medicine, and dentistry! Campers will explore a diverse range of topics in the medical sciences! Look forward to guest speakers and tours of various health science facilities on campus. At the end of the week, kids will perform a mock surgery practicing all their newly acquired skills.

Fulton: Veterinary Medicine (Grade 7+)

If your child is constantly trying to perform amateur surgery on the family pet, this is the camp for them! Become a veterinarian for a week at this camp where kids will enjoy the opportunity to do animal exams, learn about animal physiology and behaviour, perform a simple dissection and interact with real live animals. A highlight will be a behind-the-scenes look at a number of WCVM facilities including the dairy barn, small animal clinic, and anatomy lab. 

Tesla (Grade 7+)

Use soldering, circuitry, computer-assisted design (CAD), and basic programming technique at Tesla camp! Tony Stark himself would be jealous of you camper who will get the chance to tour some of the coolest facilities in the province have to offer, including the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron.

Hawking Logic (Grade 7+)

Math can be cool too. That’s our motto at Hawking Logic Camp where campers will learn logic games and puzzles and some fun math tricks that double as excellent party tricks!

Codemakers – Video Game Development (Grade 7+)

Create complex and interactive computer games throughout the week! Campers will delve into the logic of computer programming in a programming language called Lua.

Codemakers – Raspberry Pi BootCamp (Grade 7+)

Think outside the box (Windows and Mac) and discover a new operating system, Linux! Take home your very own pocket-sized Linux computer and the wherewithal to use it.

Codemakers – 2D Animation (Grade 7+)

Frame by frame animation is back in this camp, but it’s evolved since your parents were kids! Learn how to use modern software to create characters that can move freely and can be easily animated.

***Basic computer literacy is required***

FX2- The Science of the Movies (Grade 7+)

This camp continues the adventure from FX- Science of the Movies Grades 5-6, combining technology, chemistry, physics, and creativity to discover the Hollywood secrets behind your favourite hit movies from the last year and beyond! Experience some tricks of the trade.


SCI-FI Science Camps are proud to be participating in Codemakers, a national program powered by Actua and Google.
University of Saskatchewan Sci-Fi Camps
Medical Science Camps

Health Camps began in 2009 with engaging activities developed by students from the College of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. The goal is to get kids excited about health care by providing a fun environment centred around the exploration of the human body.

University of Saskatchewan Sci-Fi CampsVeterinary Medicine Camps

In partnership with the WCVM, VetMed camps offer students the opportunity to work with staff from the college who help to guide them through engaging hands-on projects. Discover exciting connections between the sciences and the world of veterinary medicine.

Extended Hours

*** Extended Hours is a program SCI-FI offers to parents who have to drop their kids off early and pick them up late. Instructors supervise campers in the lounge before and after camp each day. Extended Hours run every week of Saskatoon camp, starting at 8:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM ***

Registration for extended hours is available when registering for your camp.

Register for SCI-FI Summer Camps

When: Summer 2022
Where: Various Locations of University of Saskatchewan
Contact Info: 306.966.5539