Family Night: Maker Tales gives your family a chance to spend the evening together first listening to a popular tale, and then working together to solve a challenge from the story using a variety of building materials and craft supplies. Each Family Night has a special Maker-Tale theme that our wonderful Program Facilitators will read the story about, provide the challenge and help you as your family works together to build, create and explore.

“Who’s up there? Who’s clip-clopping over my bridge?” Families unite! Help the three Billy Goats avoid the hungry troll by building strong bridges that can support all of the Billy Goats. Join Wonderhub for an evening of storytelling, teamwork, problem-solving, creating crafts and building structures.
Light snacks & drinks will be provided.

Up to 6 participants per ticket. Ticket Price: $45 | Ages: 3+

Tickets are limited, so get yours today!

Family Night at the Wonderhub

Date: March 18, 2022
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm
Location: Wonderhub’s Performance Hall, Create Space, Workshop