The last time we went camping that sound resonated a lot. It was a very curious thing that we had belching, and lots of it because under regular circumstances my children are reasonably well mannered. They know to say excuse me when they belch and to try not to sound like a giant cow when burping, but there are times when they forget their manners. The sounds are too funny to resist and I’m sure the added bonus of making mommy freak out is a bonus too.

But what was different this time is that daddy didn’t bat an eye at the foul-sounding sounds erupting from his offspring. 1, 2, 3 times they would belch and nothing. No looks, no reprimand, no nuthin’. Finally I had enough of it and asked them stop.

The protestations were fast and furious:
“BUT MOM! Daddy said it was ok to burp loudly when we’re camping!”


Since when?

I looked at him. He looked at me trying not to smile. Then he broke out laughing, admitting he told them the rules could be relaxed whenever we camped.


I guess I can live with that since it certainly beats face farts.

Yes face farts.


It started innocently enough one day when I was helping one of the children towel off after a bath. I leaned down behind my daughter at the exact instant she farted. Not a short little toot, a gentle vapour or a quick ‘pfft’. No, it was a long, loud, decidedly unladylike honk of epic proportions.

Ugh. Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time! At least she didn’t stink…

Alternating between laughter and anger, I yelled “Why did you fart in my face!?!” at which point she shrieked with laughter “FART IN MOMMA’S FACE” and rushed out of the bathroom in the buff to tell her dad and brother about my misfortune.

Ahh Kids… They do make the darnedest sounds…