What Kids Really Want on Vacation

Photo Credit: Booking.com

The online hotel booking giant, Booking.com, recently surveyed over 20 thousand travellers worldwide between the age of 5 and 15 years old, to discover what kids really want on their family vacation. Top of the list? Waterslides, Wi-Fi – and staying up late!

What Kids Really Want on Vacation

According to the survey, 75% of Canadian children aged between 5-15 years old think a pool and/or water slide is one of the most important things to have on vacation.

Besides having a pool, 61% of the young travellers surveyed want more evening activities so they get to stay up later, and over 50% want to try new activities that they don’t usually get to do back home. Finding other kids to play with was an activity that also scored high on the  polls.

31% expressed the importance of being allowed to eat foods that normally wouldn’t be allowed, with 36% saying that eating all the ice cream they want would be an important element of a fun family holiday!

Traveller Satisfaction 

Booking.com reports that kids are overwhelmingly satisfied with their last vacation.

Teenagers are Inseparable From their Mobile Devices

Speaking of teens, it should be no surprise that Canadian teens (12-15 year olds) put the impetus on social media and keeping in touch with friends at home while away. The majority (91%) prioritized a strong Wi-Fi connection as essential for a successful vacation. The country with the best Wi-Fi? According to teens, it’s Japan.

Bragging Rights

While getting likes on social media is a must for any teenager, being able to come home and tell their friends about their trip is equally as important. In Canada, 79% of of teenagers said they would recommend their latest trip to a friend.

More than half (52%) of Canadian teenagers said that they would love to go on vacations where they are able to share their trip with their friends on social media including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Where do kids want to go?

Globally, the findings highlighted Greece, Brazil and the US as among the top rated destinations for children this year, with Japan, Mexico and Canada also recommended by children visiting from around the world.

New Trends? 

A global trend in travel? Not really. Any parent knows that kids have always loved ice cream and swimming pools. What is remarkable about the Booking.com survey is that it proves just how accessible international travel now is for families, and how well-travelled our kids can be!

Thank you to Booking.com for sharing this interesting survey with us.
We wish happy travels to all our families!