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Eco-lodges are closer to nature - Photo Carol Patterson
Picking an Eco-Lodge That Gets You Closer to Nature, Not the Hospital

When I asked where the gooey stains on my bed came from, my eco-lodge host explained they were animal droppings from the roof above, and the sheets would be changed immediately. As my gaze swept the room, I realized clean bedding wouldn’t solve my problems. There were holes in window
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Travel Insurance: What Happens During a Pandemic?

Those who follow me on Family Fun Canada and Family Fun Edmonton  know that I’m a big believer in travel insurance. It’s sensible peace of mind for just pennies on the dollar and can prevent financial ruin should you get sick or have a misadventure while abroad. But what happens
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Caution is Key if Travelling During the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis

Travelling is all about having fun, experiencing new things, relaxing and recharging. Travelling in Spring 2020, however, is none of those things. With the March 11 2020 declaration by WHO that the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, a pandemic (meaning it is prevalent over a whole country or the world),
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Tales of Travel Fails – Terrible Trains, Awful Airplanes, Ticket Terrors

Despite careful planning, preparation and the best of intentions, bad things happen to good travellers. While #travelfails make for sad and terrible moments in the moment, they do supply great stories and travel memories for the future. From awful aviation adventures to terrible train trips, laugh and learn from these not-so-terrific
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Rubys Healing Garden
4 Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products to Use Instead of Hotel Toiletries

It’s easy to be kinder to the environment while travelling if you and your family use eco-friendly personal care products instead of hotel toiletries. Notwithstanding the advantages of reduced plastic use, going natural benefits not just the environment, but people too. Here are five greener personal care products that can
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Five Things You Can’t Travel Without

Whether you are off on a weekend away or travelling overseas, there are five important things you should never travel without. Government Issued ID Government-issued identification is not only required at airports, but you also need it to check into hotels and prove your age at some establishments. Depending on
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Interrupting road trip
Destination Delayed – The Beauty of Interrupting a Family Road Trip

“Mommy, I LOVE CALGARY! I wish we could live here!” my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter exclaimed while staring out at the City’s core from the 24th floor of the gorgeous Residence Inn by Marriott Calgary Downtown/Beltline District. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always liked Calgary just as much as the next
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3 Things You’ll Wish You Packed in Your Carry-On Luggage

What do you pack in carry-on luggage? Likely the usual items like your passport, wallet, phone, charger, and some reading material? Or maybe a few practical things like a sweater, neck pillow, or eye mask? I know packing for a trip is an overwhelming task. Your suitcase probably gets most
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Bare Necessities of Planning Your Disneyland Vacation
The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland: I’ll Never Grow Up! The Bare Necessities of Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

If you’re planning a dream trip to the happiest place on earth you have to get the ultimate guide to Disneyland a new book by our resident travel professional extraordinaire and Disney expert Renee Tsang.

Beach at a resort
How to Book Your First Resort Vacation (Without Stressing About Your Stress-Relieving Holiday!)

Resorts, especially all-inclusive resorts, offer one of the most hassle-free ways to enjoy a vacation. However, if you’ve never booked a resort before, you can quickly become bogged down in the details. Today we’ll give you a quick and easy guide on how to book and enjoy your first resort
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