The Bigger, Better Mighty Angus™ Burger – The McDonald’s Burger That Tastes Like Home


We spent the day working up an appetite lazing on the pebbly beach bordering the Mediterranean Sea in Monte Carlo, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the stunning yachts moored in the harbour and admiring the fabulous private car collection belonging to Prince Rainier III at his public museum. Absolutely famished, we sat down at a most picturesque seaside restaurant where I was ready to order a big bowl of my favourite moules frites served in garlic butter and white wine, only to find that it was closed. Qu’elle horreur! Little did we know that most restaurants in the Cote d’Azur and Monaco shut down their kitchens just after 4 pm reopening at 8 pm. It was 6 pm. Ah the French. Arriving from Paris, where one can always find food anywhere, anytime, we found things run a little differently in the south of France and not at all on our Canadian dining timetable.

I knew I wouldn’t last another 2 hours without eating something. My husband was feeling a bit homesick after nearly two weeks away and was thrilled to see a McDonald’s close by. He eager to take advantage of our host country’s unique dining hours. Although I was reluctant to eat “Canadian food” during the short time we had to experience all the culinary adventures in France and Monaco, I knew he was secretly pleased to get a taste of home. My husband clapped his hands with glee as I begrudgingly agreed to dine at the McDonald’s restaurant near our hotel. Ultimately I have to admit that I also enjoyed our fast food picnic dinner from a nearby terraced garden overlooking the sea.

This wasn’t the first time homesickness has found me at a McDonald’s and it was a reminder that while you’ll always find some basics on the menu in any country, McDonald’s incorporates a little of the local flavour of each region. In Seoul, South Korea I sampled the Bulgogi Burger. In Australia my burger of choice came topped with a beet slice. I did skip the mutton burger in Delhi; after six weeks of mystery meat in India, unpronounceable dishes and spicy curries, french fries that tasted just like the ones at home were a welcome comfort.

Despite all the interesting options available at McDonald’s around the world, nothing can beat a hamburger made with Canadian beef at home and now McDonald’s has rolled out an even bigger, better Mighty Angus™ burger made with 100% Canadian beef and is the first new premium burger the company has added to its permanent menu since 2012.

The Bigger Better Mighty Angus Burger

A third-pound 100% Angus patty grilled to seasoned, juicy perfection with a smear of smoky aioli topped with hickory smoked bacon pieces, crisp leaf lettuce, tomato, processed cheddar cheese and grilled onions served on a sesame and poppy seed bun. It’s a whole lot of sandwich so bring an appetite!

The Mighty Angus is available starting August 6 at participating restaurants across Canada.
It’s about $6.40, depending on restaurant location, a great price for a premium sandwich, and it’s also available as part of an Extra Value Meal.

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