Camp Canon March Break camps are back by popular demand with a new series of youth photography programs. Canon’s Online Classes can take your child’s photography and video skills to the next level. Give your kids a great way to spend their March break while learning a joyful and lifelong hobby. An artistic outlet such as photography can help build patience, self-esteem and mental wellness.

Youth and teens can safely explore their creativity through photography while building valuable skills. Through this engaging online camp experience, they learn the basics of using their camera’s manual settings and increase their knowledge through photo challenges provided by talented instructors.

A girl taking pictures of apple blossom with a macro lens in spring.

Each camp session starts with a 60-minute interactive Zoom session where expert instructors inspire photographers, give one-on-one feedback, and share tips and tricks. Photographers will then complete an associated 1-2 hour photo assignment from the safety of their home and on their own time consisting of portraits, nature photos and more.

Small group sizes (to a maximum of only 10 students) allow instructors to provide personalized attention and feedback so your child can truly get the most out of Camp Canon.

Available Classes: 

Photo Foundations – Ages 8-12 and Ages 13-16

This five-day program introduces students to basic photographic techniques and concepts. These include freezing movement, taking portraits of loved ones, and nature photography. Participants learn about composition, portraiture, depth of field, and manual settings.

Teenaged boy photographing with DSLR Camera in Autumn forest.

Beyond The Basics – Ages 8-12 and 13-16

Beyond The Basics is perfect for creative youths and teens who have a good handle on the photography basics. This course expands their skills by learning lighting, composition techniques, and much more.

Intro to Video & Youtube – Ages 8-12 and 13-16

This program is for campers who want to learn the fundamentals of video. Participants learn the skills to build their own high-quality production set-up with minimal effort. They are also able to produce, edit and publish their first video on their own YouTube channel!

Limited spots are available – don’t wait to secure your spot!

Camp Canon March Break Camps

When: Monday, March 14 – Friday 18, 2022
Where: Virtually through Zoom sessions