Based in Markham, Canada One Family Network (COFN) is a registered not-for-profit organization that supports traditional cultural heritage as well as the performing arts. Their centre is where all community members, including seniors, adults, youths and children, can support each other through cooperation, tutorship, education and entertainment. Through the leadership and mentorship of their Literati Seniors, COFN organizes events and classes that to introduce Chinese heritage and arts to mainstream society to become part of Canada’s “One Family” of multiculturalism.

Canada One Family Network — Education Programs

In their continuing educational programs, COFN raises awareness about Chinese performing arts, including music, visual arts, martial arts, health and wellness, and tea culture. They also strive to promote artists of China’s traditional, ancient and cultural origins through exhibits, entertainment performances and further education.

 Canada One Network ArtVisual Arts

Canada One Family Network’s education centre offers classes in traditional literati arts, including poetry, painting, carving, calligraphy, and traditional crafts for all age groups.

Canada One Family MusicMusic

Canada One Family Network recruits young people with a passion for classical music to join their elegant orchestra. They also provide music instruction programs in traditional instruments, including dizi (bamboo flute), erhu, guzheng, pipa, ruan, dulcimer, flute, xiao, guanzi, suona, percussion and more. There is also a traditional arts choir program, which performs poetry and folk songs.

Canada One Martial ArtsMartial Arts

COFN teaches traditional martial arts disciplines, including Hong Quan, Shaolin Boxing, Xingyi, Ba Gua, Taichi, and Taekwondo. They also hold courses on traditional Lion Dance skills, which combine martial arts, drumming, dance and spectacle.

Canada One Family MeditationMeditation

Canada One Family Network also provides traditional meditation, such as Qigong, Dou Yin, and Meditation Yoga. These ancient forms of relaxation and mental awareness were developed in China thousands of years ago. In order to maintain health and well-being, the practices use physical exercise to gain energy within the body, mind, and spirit.

Canada One Family Network

When: Continuing classes throughout Fall 2023
Where: 400 Esna Park Dr. Unit 21, Markham ON L3R 3K2
Phone: 416-399-7129
Instagram: @canadaonefamilynetwork

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