This summer, families can escape the city to the spectacular landscapes of Peterborough at Escape Maze for a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation! Escape Maze elevates the traditional camping experience and turns it into something truly unique: an adventure, a puzzle, and a retreat all rolled into one.

From the moment you arrive at Escape Maze, the blend of natural beauty and engaging activities delivers an unforgettable experience. Whether the summer guests are puzzle enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone looking for a peaceful escape with a twist of fun, Escape Maze ensures everyone’s stay is more than just camping. Here you’ll find excitement and intrigue, where adventure games combine mystery scenes with spending quality time in the great outdoors.

Enjoy Camping with All the Comforts of Home!

Escape summer boredom and discover country camping surrounded by breathtaking scenery. First, you can wake up to the gentle sounds of nature and enjoy peaceful walks. Then, you can relax and take in the views of the picturesque farm countryside. The days start with vibrant sunrises and lush green fields, and end with starry night skies. Indeed, every moment at Escape Maze feels like a postcard come to life!

In addition, you can nestle into a cozy cabin or fully immerse yourself in nature with a tent, ready for relaxation. Both options include a comfortable queen-sized bed, complete with soft bedding and plush pillows. Most importantly, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of setting up your campsite because it is ready for you when you arrive. All you need to do is step in and unwind!

Escape Maze offers numerous amenities to enhance your stay. Enjoy the warmth of a campfire on a chilly evening, with firewood included, and share stories and marshmallows under the stars. Cook a feast at the barbecue and picnic area, and take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. It’s all included in your stay to make you comfortable and relaxed! Plus, an outdoor shower and a flush toilet are also available during your stay.

Escape Maze Summer Cabin

Book an Outdoor Adventure Game!

Are you looking for a new family activity to share with your kids and teens? Escape Maze invites families to play adventure games, both indoors and outdoors, this summer on their beautiful property near Peterborough, included with your camping stay. On their unique outdoor adventure trails, you find different stations along the route and complete a puzzle at each stop, carrying only a satchel that contains a map, compass, chalkboard, journal and a locked book. Even better, there is no time limit other than sunset!

The four outdoor escape-game trails bring stories to life as you interact with the natural surroundings. These adventure games combine mystery scenes with the great outdoors on various adventure trails around their vast property.

Outdoor Escape Maze Trails

  • Gold Rush Trail (Good for kids with adults)
    Follow in the footsteps of Joseph O’Malley, leaving home for the first time in search of gold.
  • Young Warrior Trail (Good for kids with adults)
    Learn about a brave First Nations warrior who spends his first days alone in the woods to prove he is a man. Play games and remember his Grandfather’s teachings to help him survive on the trail.
  • The Pioneer Trail (Good for teens and adults)
    Follow the route of a couple of early settlers travelling to the new land they will make into their homestead.
  • Great Bear Trail (Good for older teens and adults)
    The grandparent watches as their grandchild walks off into the woods for the first time.  Solve puzzles and riddles as you discover the Indigenous way of life in the 1800s

Furthermore, you can also dive into one of six uniquely themed indoor escape rooms, where there are even more puzzles and mysteries to solve! Plus, they also offer tactical laser tag for those seeking some adrenaline, providing thrilling strategic gameplay.

Find out more about all of the fun to be had this summer at Escape Maze here!

Escape Maze Summer caboose

Escape Maze

Where: 156 Cedar Bank Road, Peterborough
Phone: 1-705-740-3657

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