Do your kids love STEAM activities? If they want to have fun learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, then fly over to Hive5 summer camps, an innovative STEAM-based education centre in Newmarket! To complement their ongoing classes during the school year, Hive5 also offers dynamic summer camps for children aged 4-14 years.

It is critical for the future success of the next generation that young people receive STEAM education since many future jobs are rooted in these skills. Through the STEAM lessons in Hive5 summer camps, the students learn valuable skills and gain new knowledge, going beyond just knowing facts.

Kids love the unique and exciting activities at Hive5 summer camps, all taught by experienced teachers. Not only do they gain a real understanding of major STEAM concepts, but they also form long-lasting friendships with like-minded peers. During the eight weeks of summer camp, kids explore important subjects like math, art, and science through hands-on activities and challenges. Furthermore, Hive5 summer camps create an environment where creativity and innovation flourish!

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Embark on a Time-Traveling Adventure with the Hive5 STEAM History Expedition Summer Camps!

This summer, Hive5 summer camps go on an educational journey to explore history through diverse cultures, art, and science. From ancient civilizations to the modern era, this history-themed STEAM camp immerses kids in historical wonders through hands-on activities and challenges! With the help of their expert instructors and engaging curriculum, your child can have a summer of learning and fun, discovering the past in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Junior Explorer (4-5 years)
At this junior camp, Hive5 celebrates every child’s uniqueness and helps them learn at their own pace. With hands-on activities and a personalized approach to learning, the participants make projects inspired by princesses, fairy tales, and cartoon characters. Specifically designed for young children aged 4-5, the dynamic indoor/outdoor summer camp is a mix of STEAM activities that keep the young campers engaged, curious, and inspired.

Senior Explorer (6-7 years)
In the next level of Hive5 summer camps, kids aged 6-7-year-olds gain hands-on experience with STEAM concepts in a fun and engaging way. In this unique program, campers journey through time, exploring STEAM concepts from the early days of Earth and even travel into the future! Every week, campers experience different STEAM activities and dive into a specific period, such as making simple tools and understanding technological advancements throughout history by designing robots and working with LEGO engineering.

Pioneer Explorer (8-12 years)
For older kids aged 8-12, the Hive5 Pioneer Explorer Camp explores the fascinating world of STEAM further. Campers see the evolution of technology and art firsthand, including 3D printing their creations based on the styles of various artists throughout history. Embarking on a new activity each day, the kids are constantly inspired, tackling challenging projects to push their creativity and problem-solving skills to the limit.

Future Leaders Program (12-15 years) — July 8-12 only

For one week only, teens can join the Future Leaders Program at Hive5 to have the unique opportunity to explore their many passions and further develop the skills they need for the future. This dynamic program integrates numerous projects, such as Coding and Robotics, scientific experiments, visual art, entrepreneurship, and various outdoor adventures and projects. Let your child begin their journey towards becoming a future leader while enhancing their STEAM skills and also building resilience and leadership skills!

Hive5 Camp Fees:

Four-day weeks (July 2-5 and August 6-9): $308 – $330
Five-day weeks: $385 – $412
Future Leaders Camp (July 8-12 only): $445.00

Before and After-care Fees
Four-day weeks (July 2-5 and August 6-9):
Before-care (8:00-9:00am): $40 per week
After-care (4:00-6:00pm): $60 per week

Five-day Weeks:
Before-care (8:00-9:00am): $50 per week
After-care (4:00-6:00pm): $75 per week

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Hive5 Summer Camps

When: Week-long camps from July 2-5 to August 19-23, 2024 (Future Leaders: July 8-12 only)
Time: Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
 17680 Leslie Street, Newmarket
Phone: 437-335-5050

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