If your kids want to take their exercise and volleyball skills to the next level, keep the momentum going with Youth Programs this Fall and Winter at Momentum Volleyball! At these sessions, the courts buzz with energy as the kids serve, dive, and spike their way to new levels of experience and expertise about this exciting sport.

Founded in 2018, Momentum Volleyball supports the sport of volleyball for everyone to enjoy through youth volleyball camps and clinics across Ontario. Their goal is to develop the sport across Canada by improving access to training and athletic development. In combining volleyball training with off-court training, these lessons help the players become complete athletes, unlocking their potential, one jump at a time!

Along with lots of volleyball skill development, the programs also include movement and physical literacy sessions to help campers improve in all sports. Furthermore, all of their programs are led by professional coaches who focus on skill development, gameplay training and off-court development.

Momentum Volleyball Youth Volleyball Programs

Momentum Volleyball helps developing athletes thrive on the court and reach new heights. They also learn from both competitive club and collegiate coaches, while dedicated elite athletes act as mentors. The participants have a great time while working hard as they bump, set and spike their way to new skills and friendships!

Youth Train and Play at Toronto Volleyball Centre — Grades 5-6 & Grades 7-9
Train and Play is a weekly program open to all skill levels, which is filled with both hustle and big smiles. The sessions combine skill development as well as gameplay, giving all athletes interested in learning volleyball the chance to hone their skills.

Throughout the Fall/Winter session, the athletes continue to progress through different themes and skills on a weekly basis. Therefore, Train and Play is ideal for athletes who want to play volleyball but also participate in other sports and activities.

Competitive Training at Toronto Volleyball Centre — Grades 7-8 & Grades 9-10
Momentum Volleyball’s Competitive Training program runs weekly and focuses on athletes who are interested in getting more competitive with volleyball. Participants who have selected volleyball as their primary sport can benefit from Momentum’s training programs, led by some of the best coaches and athletes in the country. The players focus on group training environments and train just like professional and international players do!

Momentum Volleyball

March Break Camp and Summer Camps

Young athletes looking to take their game to the next level can enroll in Momentum Volleyball’s immersive camps over March Break and Summer at the Toronto Volleyball Centre at Downsview Park. Each of the programs focus on volleyball skills for youth athletes, as well as movement and physical literacy sessions to help campers improve their performance in all sports.

Momentum camps also concentrate on skill development, game play training and off-court development, partnering with both elite resources plus current and former athletes. These mentors provide a high-level experience for athletes looking to improve their game and continue to fall in love with volleyball!

Youth Train and Play Programs and March Break Volleyball Camps at the Hangar Sports & Events Centre are now open for registration – sign up here!

Momentum Volleyball Youth Programs

When: Youth Train and Play: November 15, 2023 – January 31, 2024; March Break Volleyball Camp: March 11-15, 2024
Where: Toronto Volleyball Centre, The Hangar Sports & Events Centre, Downsview Park, 75 Carl Hall Road, Toronto
Email: programs@momentumvolleyball.ca
Instagram: @momentumvball_programs
Website: www.momentumvolleyball.ca

Study up our full list of Fall and Winter Lessons in Toronto and the GTA here!