Time to Get Rid of Those Training Wheels! Registration Now Open for Pedalheads Summer Bike Camps

Pedalheads Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Make new friends,enjoy new experiences and have fun in the great outdoors! That’s what summer holidays are all about! Your kids can have a ton of fun outdoors this summer, while learning new skills with new friends at Pedalheads Bike Camps and Heroheads Multi-Sport Camps. If they’re just beginning their biking adventures, this could be the year they go from training wheels to trails!


Pedalheads is an exciting summer camp that gives kids an opportunity to build strength, improve their biking skills, and for the younger ones, learn to ride without their training wheels! For over 20 years, Pedalheads has been teaching kids biking skills by combining exciting lesson plans with amazing instructors and small class ratios. In addition to improving their skills, children will also learn important road safety, helmet safety and age-appropriate bike maintenance.

Lots of variety in activities keeps the camps interesting. Skills are introduced with plenty of opportunity to practice and master each one before moving on to more advanced skills. Their experienced instructors focus on positive reinforcement and bring fun and excitement to mastering new skills.

You can choose full-day or half-day camps and depending on your child’s biking skills, Pedalheads has a level just right for you. See the requirements for each level on the website.

  • Level 1 – Newbees (Most Popular Level) – Age 4 and older
  • Level 2: Advanced Newbees – Age 4 and older
  • Level 3: Pedalheads – Age 4 and older
  • Level 4: Advanced Pedalheads – Age 6 and older
  • Level 5: Gearheads – Age 6 and older
  • Level 6: Treadheads – Age 6 and older
  • Level 7: Shockheads – Age 8 and older
  • Level 8: Crankheads – Age 8 and older

Plus, if you have children under 4, there are some classes just for them! Kids aged 3 and 4 can check out Trikes ‘N’ Trainers or Balance Bikers.

Due to the Ontario camp legislation, kids registering for the Pedalheads® Camp are required to be 4 by the first day camp starts. If they are 3 and turning 4 in the calendar year, but not age 4 by the camp start date, kids can participate in camp only if they are accompanied by a caregiver for the duration of the program.

Pedalheads Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)


Heroheads is a multi-sport camp with a superhero twist! Kids ages 4-8 will kick-start their passion for sports through a variety of skills, drills, obstacle courses, and games to build their “superpowers”!

Level 1 of Heroheads focuses on the ‘Super 7 Skills’ based on the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD):

  • Locomotion (run, jump, skip and climb)
  • Agility
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Balance
  • Kicking
  • Hand-eye coordination

Level 2 of Heroheads offer activities that are more complex and challenging. This level is more focused on making direct connections to sports, through games and drills. This multi-sport focus in Level 2 creates physically literate kids who are ready to enjoy a lifetime of activity.

Much like Pedalheads classes, skills are broken down to be manageable and progressive. Children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of drills and activities in order to allow them time to practice each skill. Instructors provide children with plenty of feedback and practice time during the camp and in both levels, all participants are awarded a cape, mask, and report card!

Pedalheads/Heroheads Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Combo Pedalhead/Herohead Camps:

If you think both of these camps look amazing and just can’t decide which camp to register for, check out the Combo Pedalhead/Herohead Camps for double the fun! For these camps, the biking section may vary from the morning to the afternoon. There is also an option to add before and aftercare to the combo camp.

Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for Heroheads Multi-Sport Camps and Pedalheads Bike Camps is currently open and can be accessed through the Pedalheads website or by calling 1-888-886-6464. Visit the website for site-specific information, locations and maps. Keep up with Pedalheads and Heroheads news through their Facebook,Twitter or Instagram feeds. Register early for best selection – these camps are very popular.

Pedalheads/Heroheads Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Pedalheads® and Heroheads Summer Camps:

Pedalheads® Details:

When: Monday – Friday (July & August)
Where: Toronto and the GTA – see the complete details of their locations on their website
Ages: 3 – 12 years
Cost: $219-$229 (half day), $409-$419 (full day), $119 (Trikes ‘N’ Trainers and Balance Bikers), $259 (private lesson)

Heroheads Details:

When: Monday – Friday (July & August)
Time: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Where: Toronto and the GTA – see the complete details of their locations on their website
Ages: 4 – 8 years
Cost: $219-$229 (half day) per week

Bike/Sport Combo Camp Details:

When: Monday – Friday (July & August)
Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Where: Toronto and the GTA – see the complete details of their locations on their website
Ages: 4 – 8 years
Cost: $409-$419 (full day) with before and after care add-ons available

Pedalheads® and Heroheads® Camp

Registration starts: Registration is currently open!
Where: There are a large selection of locations in Toronto and the GTA, see details on the locations page.

Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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