Porch View Dances: Discovery Walk is the 2022 iteration of the 11th annual beloved festival by Kaeja d’Dance. In an interactive treasure hunt, your senses and imagination soar throughout the Seaton Village neighbourhood. Engage in-person with live and virtual performances as their PVD tour guide escorts you to a series of interest points.

Choreographed by professional dance artists, live dances, augmented reality (AR) experiences, and mini dance films feature the heartwarming stories of everyday folk, funnelling out the front door of neighbourhood homes onto their porches and lawns. Bring your mobile device to activate QR codes and AR triggers and animate the city in an immersive festival with friends and family! Get your FREE tickets here!

Porch View Dances: Discovery Walk

When: July 8—17, 2022
Time: Friday-Saturday 7:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm
Where: Starting point at 742 Euclid Avenue, Toronto
Website: www.kaeja.org

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