ROM Summer Club gives kids the chance to explore the best the Royal Ontario Museum has to offer at one of Toronto’s most engaging and exciting camps! Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Summer Club this year, these day camps include awesome activities and captivating research from their world-class museum.

Kids ages 5-14 journey through the ROM with a team of enthusiastic instructors to learn all about the many fascinating galleries. In fact, there is something for every interest, from ancient Egypt to prehistoric dinosaurs!

Limited spots are available, so register today! Waiting lists are also available for sold out programs.

Summer Club Information

Programs are two weeks long and are offered daily Monday to Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm. The day also includes a supervised one-hour lunch break from 12:00pm-1:00pm. All sessions are two weeks long, except Session 5 (August 29 – September 2), which is one week. Extended care is also available from 4:00pm-6:00pm.

Supervised mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks take place outdoors in the park (Philosopher’s Walk) behind the Museum, weather permitting. Typical daily programs begin with a visit to a Museum gallery, which sets the context for a creative project in the Museum’s classrooms or labs.

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ROM Summer Club Sessions & Courses — Age 5

I Spy — Meet brown bats in a dark cave, bustling bees in a busy hive, and animals in art from the Indigenous gallery, Egyptian exhibition, and beyond.
Palaeo Pals — Turn back time to the dawn of life, and get to know extinct animals like the massive mastodon, daring Dunkleosteus, and mighty T. Rex.
Science Safari — Go wild as you investigate the puzzling properties of water, the gravity-defying fancies of flight, or the many special ways animals sense their surroundings.
Sea to Sky — Swim with the fish, soar through the sky and traverse across the wonderful earthen plains.
Tiny Titans — Face off against monsters, beasts, as well as mischief-makers from India, Greece, and beyond!
Treasure Chest — Stretch your imagination and inspire art, including stories, crafts and artwork. What amazing artifacts or surprising specimens will you find in the magical museum chest each day?
Where in the World — Search every corner of the Earth in this globe-trotting adventure. Here, you’ll find something special on every continent.

ROM Summer Club Sessions & Courses — Ages 6-7

Artventures — Grab your crayons, paintbrushes, and pencils and get ready to open your ears, eyes and minds for an around-the-world artistic adventure.
Big Ideas — Answer our own questions and conduct experiments as you become junior scientists. Then, put on your lab coats and safety goggles because there’s about to be an explosion of science!
Dig This — Dig into the natural world and ancient history! You’ll also discover what buried treasures lay below us.
Earthlings — Learn about the wonderful and wild marvels of planet Earth! Then, become a climate protector and find out what you can do to preserve our planet and protect our wildlife.
Histories Heroes — Uncover thrilling and exciting stories from around the world as you meet bold adventurers, brave Samurai, peaceful protestors, and brilliant scientists.
Mix It Up! — Grab your canvas, put on your smock, and prepare your paintbrushes. Then, find your muse as you travel to Korea, Egypt, Greece, and more!
Monster on the Move — Answer the riddles of the mysterious sphinx, dive for Nessie, and search the forest for a bigfoot sighting. Then, uncover the potential origins and inspiration behind these fantastical tales.
Museum Marvels — Explore ancient Egypt and learn the history of Hatshepsut, take cover under our Chinese temple and find out how the zodiac was created.
Up & Atom — Conduct hair-raising experiments and eye-popping demonstrations as you dig deep into the world of science – all young scientists are welcome!

Sessions & Courses — Age 8-10

Frozen in Time — Dig and dive your way through this exploratory expedition. You’ll also learn what it’s like to discover historical objects frozen in time. Exhume dinosaur fossils, excavate Islamic sites, and unearth secrets of the past!
Hodgepodge — Art, culture, nature; why choose just one? From making great masterpieces of art to dabbling in backyard science experiments, you’ll do it all.
Journey’s End — Find out how early humans navigated the world and found their way to North America! Then, shift gears and look at some of the most famous voyages throughout history.
Myths and Monsters — Prepare for an adventure of mythical proportions! See fire-breathing dragons and fickle fairies, to heroic adventurers and sneaky tricksters. You’ll also discover the origins of myths, monsters, and more.
New Frontiers — Learn how scientists are planning to travel to Mars! You’ll also gain insider knowledge on ROM’s participation in an exploratory mission to the asteroid Bennu.
Outside the Lines — Be inspired by the decorative amphorae of Greece, the stunning textiles of India, and the eye-catching butterflies in the Biodiversity gallery, as you paint like Pollock and colour like Kahlo.
PalaeoQuest — Explore the world-class collection of fossils spanning hundreds of millions of years. Then, learn about the Museum’s cutting-edge research to discover how palaeontologists preserve and study their finds.
Rumour Has It — Discover the true story behind the Patagonian Giants, find out about the radio broadcast that simulated an alien invasion. Study how rumours and hoaxes shake the world. Then, find out what you can do to make sure that truth prevails!
Summer Club Combo — Sample a smorgasbord of topics inspired by the ROM’s galleries, collections, and research. Roam the ROM to explore world arts and cultures, then trek through the galleries to discover a world of scientific investigation.
True North — Explore our country’s rich natural history and cultural heritage as you are inspired by the extraordinary biodiversity, gold-seeking Yukon prospectors, or Ojibway beadwork.

Sessions & Courses — Age 11-14

Ancient Odyssey — Prepare yourself for a voyage of mythic proportions through ancient times and places. Then, follow the epic adventures of Rama, join the Argonauts on their hunt for the Golden Fleece. Or search for the Holy Grail!
Avant-Garde — Go bold this summer in an avant-garde art experience! Discover new techniques through experimentation with different media. You’ll also use innovative patterns and designs to create radical masterpieces.
Cloak & Dagger — Become a spy-in-training and discover the world of espionage, subterfuge, and secret missions. Trek to China and eavesdrop on Sun Tzu’s tricky tactics. Then, sneak over to Europe to uncover the hidden history of modern espionage.
Dungeons and Dragons — Discover the real-life inspirations behind popular table-top role playing games as you study biodiversity, ancient cultures, artifacts, weapons, and more! Then, join a ROM-inspired campaign full of magical beasts, mystical arts, and unsolved mysteries.
Fables & Folklore — Gather around one and all as you discover the greatest stories the world has to offer! Then, bring the fables to life as you get hands-on with artifacts and specimens.
Force of Nature — Trek through the Museum’s diverse galleries to discover the earth’s vast ecosystems, meet our endangered animal friends, and learn about the science behind the climate crisis. Then, discover how we can reduce our carbon footprint through daily sustainable practices.
Great Unknown — Find out how scientists may genetically engineer the perfect astronaut, and how they already genetically engineered the perfect apple. Be on the cutting edge of scientific discovery as you solve modern-day problems!
Museum Mysteries — Find out how one of the Museum’s most famous dinosaurs went missing for decades, and how the largest animal ever found made its way through the doors. Then, explore the ROM’s hidden collections and learn the stories behind some of the most mysterious artifacts and specimens.
ROMologySample the best the Museum has to offer through hands-on labs and insider info on palaeontology, mineralogy, anthropology and more. Then, become a ROM researcher as you explore a different “ology” every day!

ROM Summer Club

When: July 4 — September 2, 2022, Monday—Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm
Where: Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto

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