Join the Royal Canadian Family Circus under the Big Top again as this spectacular family show returns to Ontario this summer. As always, this circus mesmerizes, astounds and captivates audiences members of all ages. So, get ready to sit on the edge of your seats in amazement!

“Under the European Big Top” is an all-new show jam-packed with explosive live entertainment. For instance, there’s high-flying acrobatics, death-defying tricks, clowning and towering feats of strength, teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending and devilishly precarious aerials.

It’s also important to note that there are no animal performers in the show. Instead, all the thrilling acts are performed by incredibly talented human beings! As Canada is multicultural, so is the Royal Canadian Circus. Of course then, the acts arrive from countries around the world, including Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United States.

Ringmaster and Daredevil Joseph Dominik Bauer

The Royal Canadian Family Circus is managed by the Zerbini and Bauer families, each with a ‎long legacy in the European tradition of circus artistry. The show therefore features some of the world’s most accomplished circus performers, brought together under the direction of famed Ringmaster, Joseph Dominik Bauer.

Born to Swiss parents, Joseph Dominik Bauer comes from a ninth-generation pedigree of circus performers and has accrued an astonishing list of accomplishments in the world of the circus and aerial thrills. His numerous daredevil feats cover over 40 years, including performances on the 50-Foot Wheel of Destiny, High Wire, Stunts, Skywalks, Sway Poles, and the Incline Motorcycles.

An International Array of Talented Acts

This year’s performers include:

  • The magnificent Daredevil, Joseph Dominik Bauer of Switzerland on the Wheel of Destiny
  • Flying Cortez Trapeze Family from Colombia
  • The amazing Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team from America’s Got Talent
  • The powerhouse Motorcycle Thrill Riders in the Globe with big tricks, stunts, and guts!
  • Incredible feats of balance and strength as Gimmi Fornaciari from Italy goes high in the air and sings soprano, Chair Balancing
  • Argentinian Gauchos Laser Show
  • The very funny Human Slinky
  • The stunning and talented TZ Ladies of the Air

Royal Canadian International Circus

Globe of Destiny

One of the most popular acts is the Globe of Destiny with incredible death-defying feats of skill and bravery. In it, the DC Riders  attempt *four* motorcycles zooming around a steel cage of fire and lasers… at the same time!  These seasoned elite dare devils use speed and guts, constantly raising the bar beyond your wildest dreams. There is no room for error as the eighth generation circus family from Colombia continue to push it to the limits of what’s possible. In 2004, the Dominguez family broke a world record in here in Toronto, when they had 8 motorcycles in the Globe at one time.  

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Royal Canadian Family Circus 2022 Ontario Schedule:


When: July 21—24, 2022
Where: Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair, 500 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke


When: July 28 — August 7, 2022
Where: Bridlewood Mall, 2900 Warden Avenue, Scarborough


When: August 11 — August 21, 2022
Where: Dixie Outlet Mall, 1250 South Service Road, Mississauga


When: August 25 — August 28, 2022
Where: Burlington Centre, 777 Guelph Line, Burlington

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