Give your child a chance to fall in love with math at Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) Fall Lessons and enter the world of amazing, interesting, and engaging mathematics.

RSM is an after-school Math Enrichment program for children in Grades K-12 that offers math classes in English. After being educated in the specialized math schools of St. Petersburg in the former Soviet Union, 24 years ago, two immigrants (Inessa Rifkin, born in Minsk, Belarus, and Irina Khavinson, born in Chernigov, Ukraine) founded RSM in Massachusetts. The school originated as a movement of parents who wanted high-quality math education for their children. Today, RSM has about 80 branches in North America, uniting more than 50,000 students!

Math is not just 2 + 2… it is so much more!

The difference between the teaching methods of RSM, developed and repeatedly improved over the long years of the school’s existence, and basic schooling is that they do not teach students to simply memorize mathematical formulas and automatically apply them. Instead, they develop a deep understanding of the subject: why it is necessary to solve a problem this way and not the other way.

Stemming from elite mathematical schools in the Kolmogorov tradition, considered one of the best in the world, RSM’s professional teachers undergo preliminary written testing and practice with real students. RSM lessons help students visually analyze each problem or equation in detail, especially at the elementary level, so they can learn to see the mathematical relationships behind the rows of numbers and formulas. They then gain new knowledge much easier and more thoroughly than with mechanical memorization.

RSM Academics Programs

The standard RSM lesson lasts 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on the age of the students. Each class is designed for 10-12 students in three difficulty levels, and all lessons and topics are interconnected.

RSM lessons form a dialogue between the teacher and the students. Together, they think about how they will solve a new problem. The right questions lead students from what they already know to what they do not yet know. Then, they can derive the formula or rule they need in this situation without the teacher just giving the answer.

RSM Fall Lessons Elementary Program (K-Gr. 2)

RSM helps kids start early and learn deeply, sparking an early interest in mathematics and laying the groundwork for higher level reasoning. Because primary school students need a different approach, teachers support elementary their curiosity through games and a structured process, awakening their interest in math and laying the foundation for higher-level logical thinking.

Late Elementary Program (Gr. 3-5)

Next, students build powerful thinking skills and an appetite for challenge while laying a strong mathematical foundation. RSM builds kids’ understanding by challenging students to reason through difficult and unfamiliar problems. Rather than memorize new information, children derive new knowledge by calling on what they know, thereby continually reinforcing what they’ve learned.

Middle School Program

RSM’s middle school lessons teach older kids advanced algebra and geometry instruction to prepare students to succeed. Teachers guide students through a deep exploration of algebraic concepts, empowering them to solve complex mathematical problems. Geometry is taught with a focus on formal proofs, which is key to further develop logic and reasoning skills.

High School Program

RSM’s high school program builds on the foundation laid in the preceding years to further deepen students’ knowledge of advanced algebraic and geometric concepts as well as calculus. Teachers ensure that students are well prepared for university entrance exams, APs, and math competitions. High school students are also motivated to study mathematics by its demand in the workforce.

RSM (Russian School of Mathematics) Fall Lessons

When: Academic year runs from September 2022 — June 2023
Locations: Toronto Midtown — 501 St Clair Ave. West, Toronto
Phone: 416-800-9119, Email:
Richmond Hill — 9665 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill
Phone: 647-800-4114, Email:

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