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skateparks in Toronto

The City of Toronto has 14 outdoor skateparks (12 permanent and 2 seasonal) of varying styles and sizes. Here are our favourites.

Eighth Street Skate Park

Concrete community skatepark with a mix of flow and street, with a tight 5’ peanut-shaped bowl. This skatepark includes various-sized quarter pipes, banks, stairs, rails, ledges, manual pads and granite-capped hubbas.

Address: 160 Eighth St, Etobicoke, ON

Ashbridges Bay Skatepark

Toronto’s largest skatepark, it features a plaza-style street skatepark, with ledges, banks, stairs, rails, hubbas, gaps, and granite-capped ledges. The skatepark also has an 11’ deep kidney bowl with pool coping and a stair channel.

Address: 1420 Lake Shore Blvd E

East York Skatepark

Includes a street plaza style area and a tight 5’ figure-eight bowl. The street area consists of a ‘Pier 7’ manual pad, multiple stair-sets, several larger stairs, rails, ledges, hubbas, a long ‘Wave’ banked ledge and two granite-capped ledges.

Address: 373 Cedarvale Ave.

Ellesmere Skatepark

Concrete community skatepark with a mix of street and transition features. A central flow area is surrounded by an outer ring filled with quarter pipes, ledges, banks, stairs, rails, hubbas and manual pads.

Address: 20 Canadian Rd., Toronto, ON

Underpass Skatepark

Modular community skatepark located beneath an overpass, which provides a sanctuary from the elements. Includes various pre-fabricated ledges and manual pads, rails and some small banks, set on a concrete pad.
Address: Under Eastern Avenue overpass, located under the bridge south of King St. E., access off St. Lawrence St.

Indoor Skateparks

Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre

Seasonal, drop-in skateboarding spot, with wooden and prefabricated ramps, rails & ledges, on linoleum tiled gymnasium floor.
Address: 870 Queen St. E., Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-392-0751

Malvern Recreation Centre

Seasonal, drop-in skateboarding set up on a drained ice rink with wooden and prefabricated ramps, rails & ledges.
Address: 30 Sewells Rd., Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-396-4054

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