Toronto Fringe Festival, Ontario’s largest theatre festival, returns to an in-person event for 2022 with a full program. The festival includes KidsFest, whose shows are intended for families and run early in the day.

For KidsFest shows, tickets are only $5 per child, and babes-in-arms are free. They also host KidsFest Club, a safe and welcoming play space for kids of all ages and their families.

KidsFest Shows:

The Big Sad
Alex is six when Grandma passes away. Shortly afterwards The Big Sad — a leaky green monster — shows up and starts wreaking havoc!

Actor, writer, and comedian Daniel Beitchman brings back his widely popular family play BOY VS. FLY, which follows the story of Dean Bean who wants to be on the school team more than anything. That is, until he attempts to harness a superpower for catching flies.

Jay & Shilo: Nightmare Neighbours & Prop Catastrophe 
Jay and Shilo return to the Fringe with two all-new musicals: “Nightmare Neighbours” about helping the Phantom be a good neighbour and “Prop Catastrophe” about helping Igor the Wizard save the Trolls’ show.

The Prince’s Big Adventurer
When Prince Seamus is forced to rescue a princess with the help of an adventurer, humongous spiders and tall towers are no match for the heart.

The Questing Beast
King Pellinore has spent his life searching for the elusive Questing Beast – a mythical creature that may just be a giraffe. But when he finally decides to give up the chase, how will he find a new purpose?

TiBert Le Voyageur
Join TiBert le Voyageur as he juggles, plays jaw harp and sings during an amazing interactive trek across Canada!

Further family-friendly selections include:

At The Table with Keith Brown (at Al Green Theatre, 750 Spadina Ave.)

World-Class Magician, Speaker & VIP Entertainer Keith Brown returns to the Toronto Fringe with this family-friendly magic and storytelling show. Prepare to be engaged in extraordinary feats of magic unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

107 (at Al Green Theatre, 750 Spadina Ave.)

107 is a new comedy written by Canadian playwright, Len Cuthbert, featuring actors, Haley Kriz, Fynn Cuthbert and Eden Reshef. A rare find in the woods creates havoc and an ambiguous relationship between two estranged cousins.

Toronto Fringe Festival

When: July 6—17, 2022
Where: Various locations, KidsFest shows at St. Vladimir Theatre, 620 Spadina Ave., Toronto

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