What do you get when you mix fitness, wellness and cuteness? Puppy yoga! Don’t miss your chance to join Yoga Kawa this Fall in their puppy yoga classes, which combine the restful exercise practice of yoga with delightful puppies for a unique family fitness experience.

With locations in Toronto, Hamilton and Markham, you will have an unforgettable experience at puppy yoga class! Unleash your inner peace as the Yoga Kawa puppies unleash the cuteness. It’s especially fun for parents looking for a unique way to connect with their young ones. You know everything is all right when you are with your family and the paw-sitive vibes! These classes are fun for students of all skill levels, leaving you feeling more joyful, flexible and relaxed.

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Yoga Kawa Brings the Puppies, You Bring the Smiles!

These classes are the most adorable yoga experience you’ll ever have, where the playful puppies become your zen masters. Whether you are coming for your own yoga practice, to spend time with friends, or to build a deeper bond with your loved ones, it’s perfect for everyone!

At Yoga Kawa, you can embrace a new way to connect with your mind, body, and soul… all while cuddling puppies! All puppies are raised by licensed breeders registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and the classes are also beneficial for them as these special guests visit during their socialization period. So kids can be proud to help the fur babies in their development. Thanks to your positive interaction and cuddles, they become happy and well-adjusted companions for their next loving home. Plus, many puppy yoga classes feature a different breed so you can make plenty of new furry friends.

You don’t need to love yoga… just come for the puppies! While you try to participate in the yoga exercises, it’s totally understandable that you’ll get distracted by all the cuteness. While yoga is mandatory, it will be a simple beginner class. As you try to focus on your breathing, there’s no need to stifle the inevitable smiles and laughs when a puffball comes along to curl up to nap at your feet.

This is also one of the rare times when you can bring your phone to a fitness class – in fact, it’s encouraged! As you can imagine, these classes are extremely photogenic, with puppies crawling all over you and melting your heart. The instructors and dog handlers even help take memorable photos of the participants with these cute fluff balls. The puppies may run around during the yoga class, but everyone gets a cuddle along with memories to take away before saying goodbye. Don’t forget to share your pictures with all your friends!

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Yoga Kawa Puppy Yoga Class Information

Discover the cutest yoga class that will fill your heart with love… Yoga Kawa promises a 100% puppy cuddles guarantee!  The whole family can have an amazing time together in these family-friendly, kid-friendly, and cuddle-friendly classes.

Family Information

  • Kids 5+ are welcome!
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must attend with a parent or guardian
  • Please purchase a ticket for each adult, children and guardian
  • Adults coming with children under 18 should help encourage the children to participate in the class and also to be gentle with the young puppies
  • During the class, at least 4 adorable 2-6 month-old puppies roam freely around the classroom to cuddle, kiss and play with you
  • Yoga Kawa partners with several different breeders to invite a variety of puppies to the classes
  • Be aware that the puppies are mostly pee-pad trained but may have accidents in the classroom
  • Private kids parties are always available, please send inquiries to info@yogakawa.com

Essential Class Information

  • No spectators allowed
  • Classes start right on time
  • Please wear fitness attire so you can move and stretch comfortably
  • No spectators allowed
  • Active participation in yoga exercises is necessary
  • Yoga mats are available to rent at the reception area
  • Please bring enough water to stay hydrated during the class

Yoga Kawa Puppy Yoga

When: Continuing classes throughout Fall
Locations: Toronto — THAT Toronto Studio, 260 Carlaw Avenue, #Unit #202A, Toronto
Hamilton — The Hamilton Ballroom (Westdale), 1043 King Street West, Hamilton; Colibri Studios, 2751 Barton Street East, Hamilton
Markham — 421 Bentley Street, Unit 8, Markham
Phone: 647-818-7418
Email: info@yogakawa.com
Instagram: @YogaKawa
Facebook: Yoga Kawa
YouTube: Puppy Yoga by Yoga Kawa 
LinkedIn: Yoga Kawa
Website: www.yogakawa.com

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