Fly Over CanadaVancouver’s newest attraction does not disappoint!  FlyOver Canada launched earlier this summer and is a spectacle not to be missed.

Head on down to Canada Place…head to the VERY back of Canada Place and there you will find the set up for FlyOver Canada.  I didn’t know what to expect other than being told if I had been to Soarin’ (at Disney) I would know what awaited me.  As I hadn’t done Soarin’, I went in blind.  At the start of the ride the staff give a great overview of the experience.  There are 3 parts to FlyOver Canada.  The first is a 5+ minute video of Canadiana experiences.  No talking, just happy music and great visuals.  From there you move into the pre-flight area.  Here you watch a brief safety video.  While it isn’t a big deal, to make life easier, don’t wear flip flops (you have to take them off and store them under your seat).

After the safety video you proceed to the main event.  An 8 minute 4D sensory experience awaits.  You literally “fly” over Canada.  The floor disappears, your feet swing in the air, and you experience Canada from a few thousand feet up.

In case we were in any doubt, our country is spectacular.  FlyOver Canada certainly highlights the great majesty of the Canadian landscape.

Take your kids to FlyOver Canada…especially if they are about to start studying Canadian geography at school.  FlyOver Canada is a great crash course in the distinct physical features of each of the provinces.  When taking your kids, please make sure they are 40″ or taller.  Our exceedingly tall 2 year old JUST made the cut.  40″ is the average height of 4 year olds.  Both our boys thought FlyOver Canada was spectacular.

FlyOver Canada is open 7 days a week from 10am – 9pm.  The entire experience takes approximately 30 minutes; the show admits new visitors every 15 minutes.  Be sure to buy your tickets ahead, online, as they are cheaper.   You can also pay a bit extra for priority boarding.  We went at 10am and had no trouble getting on; however I would assume the attraction gets increasingly busy throughout the day.