We had a chance to revisit Cultus Lake Waterpark over the Canada Day weekend and it was just as much fun as we remembered.

I had a chance this time to check out the BBQ area and was really impressed by how clean and well laid out it was. Having BBQ’s available for rent is really a great feature that I’ve never heard of at other attractions. Renting an umbrella or cabana can be well worth the money! It gets hot and it’s nice to have somewhere shady to recover from your last death defying slide. And while I would definitely recommend water shoes for walking around the hot paths and up the stairs, you are not allowed to wear them on the slides and will be asked to remove them.

If I had anything negative to say it’s that Cultus is a victim of its popularity; it’s almost too busy. But if you go early in the day, you can take advantage of slightly less furnace like temps and shorter lines. Or if you want to save a few dollars, go late in the day and take advantage of twilight rates.

Some of our Favorites:
Our daughter enjoyed the slides we could go on together like the Colossal Canyon and the new Boomerang which was new this year and winds your 4 person raft through a figure 8 path where your momentum thrusts the raft UP another slide at the end!


The Colossal Canyon is wickedly fun group slide. Although admittedly she complained about hoofing it up the stairs to the top of this 75 ft. ride before we rode the raft twisting and turning all the way down the approximately 700 ft. length of this slide.

Collosal Canyon

Also new this year and definitely not a kiddy slide is the Bazooka Bowls. Holy cow was that disorienting and fun! Sliding extremely quickly down a black tube, we were shot into a humongous funnel where we went around and around the edge, until gravity finally claims you and you free fall into a deep pool of water. You definitely have to hang onto your butt with this ride as our friend discovered; the force of the waterslide caused his back pocket to come open and he lost his credit card and drivers license in the deep pool. A staff member was able to fish it out for him after the waterpark closed.

bazooka bowls

The kids also thoroughly took advantage of the pirate’s cove this year. Slides, cannons, water spouts, ladders, bridges and more really entertain all the kids from preschoolers to 10 year olds.

pirates cove

And although its not technically a slide, we were hard pressed to keep the girls out of the adventure river during the time between slides. They loved lounging on the inner tubes and floating around in circles.

Adventure River

Bonus! If you’re planning on playing a round of mini golf while you’re up at the lake, hang on to your tickets from the waterpark and get 2-for-1 Adventure Golf price at Giggle Ridge, right across the street!

We left the park, wet, tired, a little dizzy and a whole lot satisfied. Another successful adventure at Cultus Lake Waterpark and I can’t wait to see what else they dream up!