Cirque du Soleil has put together an unforgettable performance: Amaluna.  I must admit to a bit of trepidation taking our two and four year old boys to the performance.  I’ve been to a few Cirque extravaganzas and wasn’t too sure how our kids would react to loud music, a light show and a complex story line.  I must learn not to doubt the ability of children to rise to an occasion: our kids LOVED it!  In fact, our two year old was the biggest fan.  Our main problem through the entire performance was stopping him from clapping for every little trick performed.  He was enthusiastic!

I don’t want to ruin any of the show’s surprises for you; we had the pleasure of being surprised by every act performed.  We sat in awe the entire first act; I didn’t know how the 2nd act could match the first.  Well it did, and then some.  The 2nd act was, by far, my favourite.  This show has everything: juggling, high wire, water, flying, contortions, and so much more.

My husband, who is an musician, couldn’t stop talking about the music.  According to his well trained ear, the music was phenominal.  From my stand point it was a terrific accompaniment to the outstanding performance.

Amaluna is running in Vancouver until January 20, 2013 and then it travels to Calgary (opening April 11, 2013) and Edmonton (opening May 29, 2013).  The show is 2.5 hours in length with one intermission.  You know it is a great show if it can keep the attention of a 2 & 4 year old for 2.5 hours!  Take your family; you’ll love it!