Anyone else desperate for something new to read? Our family is flying through books – which is wonderful – but we will go broke buying new books every few days. While the libraries remain closed, we are turning to our own neighbourhood for literary inspiration.

Have you discovered a Little Free Library? Have you wandered down a street, spotted an intriguing collection of books, and wondered what was going on? You actually just happened upon a free library!

The free library concept is simple: leave a book or two you are finished reading, and borrow one or two to enjoy. How delightfully simple and wonderful is that? I get a warm gooey feeling inside every time I encounter a charming act of neighbourliness like this.

Grab your kids, explore your neighbourhood, and bring home a literary adventure or two.

Little Free Libraries

The free little libraries are becoming increasingly common in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. You can visit the Little Free Library website and search for libraries near you on their impressive world map.

I must applaud the creativity and thought people have put into creating the free library repositories.  If the concept of the free library wasn’t charming enough, the vestibules housing the books sure are!  Let us know if you have a free library in your neighbourhood!

We certainly recognize not everyone will feel comfortable borrowing books during the COVID-quarantine. Our family has elected to wear gloves when browsing the books in a Little Free Library. We plop the book(s) into a bag to take home. We leave the books for a few days, in the garage, before bringing them into our home. This may not be a solution that works for everyone; we are sharing what works for our family.

Little Free Libraries: