There is nothing like a ride on FlyOver Canada…unless it is taking a ride during the Christmas season. I keep waiting for FlyOver Canada to offer a season’s pass. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who would happily fly across our country at least once a week. Truly FlyOver Canada is like a warm hug; I would be truly happy in a comfy pair of jammies, a pair of snuggly slippers, with a cup of hot tea curled up in the seat flying over Canada repeatedly.

But back to Christmas…I guarantee you at the end of your Christmas flight you will be filled with warm, gooey Christmas magic. While the Christmas version is wonderful for adults, it is the kids who are awestruck.  It took a while for our little ones to start talking after the show; however, once they began they couldn’t stop.  During the flight the kids are assigned the responsibility of finding Santa’s elves. Santa promises that if the elves are found he has a little present at the end of the ride. Santa doesn’t disappoint! With a bit of Christmas magic, everyone at FlyOver Canada is taken to the North Pole and Santa’s workshop. Wonderful!

The Christmas version of FlyOver Canada is structured in a similar manner to the non-holiday version. Your visit commences with a short themed pre-show and then it is off to the boarding area.  After a quick safety video from Mrs. Claus you proceed into the massive IMAX theatre viewing area.  Be prepared for 4D awesomeness.  While it is no roller coaster, seats do move, your feet dangle in the air, and mist and other scents add to the fantastic experience.

FlyOver Canada Christmas runs until January 5, 2016.  Enjoy the magical ride and say hi to Santa for us!