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Earthquake Kit from Earthquakekit.caEvery time I read about an earthquake either here in BC, or elsewhere in the world, I feel nauseated. Or at least I did. For years, literally years, I knew I should have an earthquake survival kit but I had no idea where to start. I researched survival kits online (secretly worried some police agency would profile me as a backwoods fanatic) and instantly became overwhelmed. I even got so far as pricing out the cost to compile an earthquake kit myself and the process soon became seemingly unaffordable. But…my kids. I’m supposed to keep them safe. We all know the West Coast of BC is a ticking time-bomb for a massive earthquake, so I put on my big-girl pants, did some research and discovered the wonderful people at

First…getting an earthquake kit is easy. Stupid easy. Seriously, visit the website, pick that kit that fits your size of family, order, and wait. A lovely team member from the Maple Ridge-based company delivers your order to your door within a few days.

Second…the earthquake kit is WAY cheaper than I expected. For our family of four, I wanted the deluxe 4-person kit. $200 + tax. That’s it! Now I know not everyone has $200 just lying around waiting to be spent. But $200 to ensure my family can survive for 72 hours following “the big one” is awfully cheap to my way of thinking.

Third…the folks at ensure your kit stays up to date. One of the sticking points for putting my own kit together was ensuring the items remained fresh & useable. The packs are all vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness. The company also keeps track of when you purchased your items. The kits are designed to last 5 years. In 5 years an email will pop into my inbox reminding me that it is time to update my (hopefully unused) kit-components with fresh ones.

Fourth…you can customize your order. If you already have some items put together and you just need a few additional supplies, you can order individual items from their site. If you love their survival kit but want to add a few extra items, go ahead and add those to your shopping cart.

To give you an idea of what is included in your pack here’s a list of the items included in our 4-person deluxe kit. (Please note that the kits do vary so browse the website thoroughly to find the kit that works for your family.)

4 x 3600 calorie emergency food rations
48 x 125ml water rations
10 x Aquatabs water purification tablets
4 x emergency sleeping bags
4 x hooded rain ponchos
2 x tube tents
1 x duct tape roll
1 x hand crank powered light, AM/FM radio & USB device charger
1 x LEF flashlight with 100 hours built in (recharged by hand cranks)
1 x 3-wick 36hr emergency candle
40 x waterproof matches
1 x 108 piece first aid kit
1 x safety whistle
4 x surgical masks
1 x pair vinyl gloves (latex & powder free)
1 x pair heavy duty work gloves
1 x multi-function army knife (7 stainless steel tools)
1 x 50ft nylon utility cord
4 x tissue packs
2 x waterproof backpacks (hold all of the above listed items)

Articles like Global News’ “Inevitable 9.0 Earthquake, Tsunami Will Hit Canada’s West Coast” sends shivers down my spine. But those shivers are significantly less now that we are prepared. I’m forever trying to get my kids to think ahead and consider consequences; I’m glad to be finally modelling responsibility when it comes to earthquake preparedness. While discovering an earthquake survival kit under the tree on Christmas morning may not illicit squeals of glee from your spouse, just think of the peace of mind you will feel knowing you have done your part to help your family survive a natural disaster. Stay safe & be prepared!

Earthquake Kit from
Phone: 778-688-1232

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