Funkins NapkinsLast year my eldest entered the public school system. At the same time I entered the hideous world of making school lunches. Thanks to working from home and enthusiastic grandparents I dodged the need to make lunches for daycare/preschool. Making school lunches is an exercise in mind-numbing patience and creativity. Within a month of my son starting kindergarten we were informed of his school’s litter-free lunches. While I absolutely applaud the program, conjuring litter-free lunches day-after-day was a surprisingly large challenge.

I was easily able to source reusable food-storage containers; however, locating re-useable environmentally friendly napkins was near impossible. After a grade 10 sewing project going horribly awry (a shirt sleeve may have been serged shut) I knew that making my own reusable napkins was never going to happen. Fortunately Funkins exists!

Evidently Funkins’ owner Lisa Baumgartner also discovered that reusable napkins are not readily available. Certainly not ones that are kid-friendly. Necessity is the mother of invention! Lisa needed environmentally friendly napkins for her children’s lunches and so Funkins was born.

My kids and I had fun checking out the large number of Funkins designs. My boys were very partial to Dinorama, Reptidylyicious Dinos, and Blast Off Blue.

I certainly want to do all I can to model environmental responsibility for my children. I love the Funkins products! I am looking forward to adding them to our lives. The Funkins can be used for so many things: kids’ lunches, mini picnic cloths, protect a little hand from a cold freezie or ice cream, cover up those dodgy airplane trays, and so much more! It is definitely worth having a few tucked in a purse or stashed in the glove box of the car.

Funkins is 100% Canadian owned and manufactured! From now until Earth Day (April 22nd) all the Funkins napkins are 25% off! Hop online and order your own set of Funkins. Your kids will have fun being environmentally-conscious just in time for Earth Day.