LEGO has arrived at Science World.  Be prepared to be amazed at what can be created out of little blocks of plastic.  The entry way and perimeter of the exhibition space houses tremendous LEGO creations.  One wall charts the progress of transportation – from steam engines through to airplanes, boats and more.  The opposite wall encourages kids to imagine where they could travel around the world.

The large centre area of the exhibit is dedicated to kids and creativity.  Hats off to the organizers for realizing the importance of keeping the little LEGO pieces isolated.  As we all know, the smallest pieces of LEGO are the ones that appear most edible to babies.

The small-LEGO section has numerous tubs stuffed full of LEGO.  While we are proud owners of hundreds of pieces of LEGO, there were many shapes and designs which aren’t a part of our at-home collection.  Once the kids create a masterpiece of their own, they can take a picture of that creation and email it to friends and family.

Outside of the contained small-LEGO section are LEGO stations that appeal to all ages.  There is the larger-sized LEGO, ramps for racing LEGO cars (huge hit with my 3 year old), and a video-style game where the kids can drive LEGO cars.

The exhibit is excellent; all of the kids were having heaps of fun.  You will be able to enjoy the LEGO exhibit until May 6th at Science World.