The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra hosted their final Kids’ Koncert of the season on Sunday.  Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage was wonderful.  This is the 2nd Kids’ Koncert we’ve attended and I couldn’t get over how vastly different it was from The Listening.  Both concerts were delightful; they merely varied in their format.

In Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage the VSO provided the musical accompaniment to a tale enacted on the apron of the stage.  The tale took the clever angle of an adult Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart interacting with his son, Karl.  Through Karl’s insatiable curiosity, Mozart revealed stories of his youth as well as the Cole’s notes version of The Magic Flute.  My parent-heartstrings were sure pulled each time Karl said he didn’t want to go to boarding school because he just wanted to be with his family.  The story definitely worked on numerous levels thereby appealing to all ages sitting in the audience.

The enchanting tale and spirited acting were greatly enhanced by the beautiful sounds of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  I know we are at a great performance if my two year old sits still in my lap without wiggling.  Certainly the actors provided high visual interest; however, upon the conclusion of the performance, the musicians and instruments were the primary topics of our conversation.  The boys are currently in love with the trombone.  Why?  Because it is loud…fantastic!  I spoke at great length and with much enthusiasm about the (spectacular) piano solos we heard.  Here’s hoping my not-so-subtle diversion tactics work.

Not only do the VSO Kids’ Koncerts give you a chance to expose your children to outstanding music, you can give them a hands on musical experience.  For the hour leading up to the concert’s start, Tom Lee Music brings in a variety of instruments for a musical petting zoo.  Any ticket holder has the opportunity to pick up a variety of instruments and give them a whirl.  Another fantastic opportunity for the kids comes from composing their own music and having it played for them.  The kids are given blank staff paper and a pen.  Once completed they hand their composition over to a musician who premieres your child’s creation.  Beautiful!

While the Kids’ Koncerts are done for this season, the 2013/14 line up has already been announced.  I strongly encourage you to take your kids to at least one of the performances.  The Kids’ Koncerts are for children aged 4 – 11 years of age.  That being said my 2 year old has thoroughly enjoyed both of the performances we’ve seen.  If you have little ones and wish to start them off with a slightly shorter performance, with a VERY kid-friendly audience, check out the Tiny Tots performances.  They are great; we’ve loved the 8 or so of those we’ve attended.