Ratios & Proportions: Math Moves! Makes Math Fun at Science World

Math Moves! at Science World

Science World has just launched their newest feature exhibition: Math Moves! We have put together 12 reasons why Family Fun Vancouver thinks you should spend some quality family time bonding over mathematics:

1. Whether you loved or hated math everyone knows that math is a key component of school. Why not make your child’s academic life easier by getting them excited about math? Math Moves! at Science World provides TWENTY unique interactive stations and activities. Hands-on learning is always more fun than staring at a chalkboard!

2. The Math Moves! feature exhibition gets kids to understand math concepts using their bodies. It’s time to put down that calculator and start experiencing math in a whole new way.

3. How many times have you looked at a recipe and realized you need to adjust the measurements to accommodate either the ingredients you have on hand or the food preferences of your family? One of the Math Moves! stations shows kids how to make these mathematical alterations.

Math Moves! at Science World

4. Science World provides a ton of FREE online math resources. Check out all the numeric games & activities that you can do at home with your kids.

5. Ratios and proportions? Do those words strike fear through the heart of anyone else? Science World’s Math Moves! features a station called Ratio Hunt. Imagine a scavenger hunt based on measurement: find something three times longer than your thumb, something that is 1/2 as wide as a piece of paper; or an object that is as big as you.

6. Math Moves! is focused on encouraging children to acquire a deep understanding of math concepts. The 5,000-square-foot exhibition facilitates a range of multi-sensory experiences: from full body to fine motor.

Math Moves! at Science World

7. Fractions became much easier once I started cooking regularly. Math Moves! has a fun station called Shadow Fractions, which sees visitors experimenting with the placement of scaled objects to make shadow stories or scenes. I’ve got to say; Shadow Fractions sounds way more fun than hours spent cooking.

8. Is your child drawn to mechanical activities? They will love the Drawing with Gears station. Visitors draw harmonic patterns using proportional wheels. The participants will create complex, circular drawings on paper they can take home.

9. Your ears are another way to explore ratios. Keeping their eyes closed, visitors can create a stair-step pattern with tones or sounds by manipulating the x & y axis with knobs.

Math Moves! at Science World10. Many of the Math Moves! activities see visitors working together in pairs. Perfect for families!

11. Several of the activities, like Partner Motion, are partner-based activities. Working with a partner enhances communication, social and problem-solving skills.

12. After visiting Math Moves! your kids will want to try more hands-on math. Visit Science World’s Resource page and using the fields on the right, create a list of age appropriate math activities that you can do at home!

Math Moves! at Science World:

When: September 23, 2017 – January 1, 2018
Time: Science World operating hours (usually 10am – 5pm)
Where: Science World
Address: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver

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