Bike, Swim, Sport! Registration is Open for Pedalheads’ Athletic-Infused Summer Camps

Fresh air, physical activity, and the opportunity to learn or hone skills? That sounds like the perfect summer camp to us! With Pedalheads Summer Camps your kid can bike, swim, or play sports. The half-day or full-day camp options – plus before and after camp care – make Pedalheads Summer Camps the BEST plan for your kid’s athletic-infused summer time fun. Pedalheads Summer Camps - Pedalheads Bike

Pedalheads Bike

Whether your little one is just clamouring onto their first bike or if they have been riding for a few years, Pedalheads Bike Camps are the ideal summertime activity. In the summer camps, your child will become comfortable riding safely on all types of terrain. The folks at Pedalheads know what they are doing; since 1995 they have taught 300,000+ kids how to ride!

Pedalheads Bike, which represents both learn-to-bike and mountain bike camps, runs Monday to Friday starting as early as June in certain locations and wrapping up in August. The camps are broken up into 3 categories: kids under 4, kids 4 & up, and kids ready for mountain biking.

Kids under 4 years: The Riding Rookies Camp gives tots who are 2 a chance to practice their skills with a parent in attendance. Three year olds can check out the Trikes ‘N’ Trainers or Balance Bikers Camps.

Kids 4 years & up: The Pedalheads Bike Camps are divided into 6 levels. Have a look at the requirements for each level on the website to find the camp that is right for your child.

Mountain Biking: The Pedalheads Mountain Biking camp are for kids who are beyond level 3 and who want something different. These camps combine adventure in the great outdoors with the opportunity to discover the fun of mountain biking. The safe, supervised environment offers mountain bike instruction that focuses on the development of various mountain biking skills for kids ages 4 – 8, with more advanced levels for kids ages 8 – 15.

Pedalheads Summer Camps - Pedalheads Sport

Pedalheads Sport

Pedalheads Sport Camps (formerly known as Heroheads) offer multi-sport summer camps for kids ages 4 – 8. What kid isn’t going to LOVE playing soccer, basketball, gymnastics, racquet sports, softball, hockey, track and field, and archery?! Your kids will kick-start their passion for sports through a variety of skills, drills, obstacle courses, and games, learning basic physical skills, such as balance, kicking, throwing, catching, and hand-eye coordination. These skills will benefit your kids far beyond the 8 core sports that will be featured over the week – allowing kids to see which sports they enjoy most and where they excel.

Your child will progress and hone their skills over the duration of their camp. Campers end each day with team games, and on their final day of camp, they’ll use their recently learned skills to navigate a challenging and dynamic obstacle course. The goal for Pedalheads is to teach your child fundamental skills for a variety of sports in a fun, engaging, and positive environment that builds confidence and independence.

Pedalheads Summer Camps: Pedalheads Swim

Pedalheads Swim:

Hot weather and energetic kids means a trip to the pool! We all know that swimming is a life-skill every person should possess, so why not enrol your child is a super fun swim program? Pedalheads Swim (formerly known as the Atlantis Programs) has been teaching kids how to swim since 1986 with their unique teaching methods that utilize progressive skills and small class sizes. Pedalheads uses their own proven teaching methods to deliver the Red Cross curriculum. From tots classes to group lessons to private lessons, there is a program perfect for all your needs.

Registration Opens March 5th!

Registration for all Pedalheads summer camps is open as of March 5th. You can register online through the Pedalheads website or by calling 1-888-886-6464. Visit the website for site-specific information, locations, and maps. Keep up with Pedalheads news through their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds.

If you have enjoyed Pedalheads camps in previous summers you will notice some wonderful, family-friendly changes for the 2019 summer camps. Thanks to feedback from parents and caregivers, the half-day camps are now a little longer: the new 3-hour camps make it easier to plan your day, plus you can add before-care to the morning camps and after-care to the afternoon camps. The 60-minute tots programs have been also been extended and now run 90 minutes.

Pedalheads® Summer Camps:

When: Monday – Friday (June – August, 2019)
Where: Multiple locations in Metro Vancouver – see the complete details of their locations on their website
Ages: 2 – 15 years old, depending on camp

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Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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