Kids learning to swim in West Vancouver are in for a treat this summer! A brand new, state-of-the-art pool is coming to Park Royal. And best of all? The pool is owned and operated by Pedalheads – leaders in children’s athletic education. Registration for swimming lessons is now open.

Pedalheads has gone all out in creating their new, aquatic learning environment. The first stainless steel pool in North America reduces bacteria growth in the warm water effectively creating a more hygienic learning and swimming environment.

Pedalheads PoolWith more than 25 years of experience educating children, Pedalheads are experts in the requirements for a productive and efficient learning environment. The 5700 sqft facility has an L-shape design to increase the shallow areas for optimal learning. The pool gradually increases from 2.5ft to 4ft which further ensures success and comfort for the youngest swimmers.

As many parents know one of the biggest battles in getting your child into the water is the temperature. When my boys were young I bought them pseudo-wet suits to help keep them warm when visiting our local pool. The kids learning to swim at Pedalheads’ Park Royal pool will never shiver or have blue lips again! The pool will be kept at a gloriously warm 32°C (90°F). Doesn’t that sound luxurious?

Pedalheads Pool

Registration for Pedalheads Summer Camps is now open. And, brand new for 2021, is the Trail / Swim Combo Camp. Perfect for kids 4 and up who are looking for the ultimate summer adventure. Campers are in for a jam-packed day combining a half-day Trail camp exploring the paved Spirit and Capilano Pacific Trails, and a two-hour Swim camp at the brand new Park Royal pool. Learn more about the Trail/Swim Combo here!

I am pretty sure parents are going to be celebrating the location of the pool! Drop your child off at their lesson and then spend the time browsing the fantastic shops at Park Royal. It’s a win for everyone. Kids are educated and exercised; parents are entertained and not bored waiting for yet another lesson to end.

The Pedalheads Pool at Park Royal will be open daily, year round. The emphasis over the summer months are the summer camps so be sure to register soon to grab your child a spot that the brand-new state-of-the-art stainless-steel pool in West Vancouver.

Pedalheads Pool in Park Royal:

Address: 2002 Park Royal S, West Vancouver