Do you understand computer code or does it look like complete gibberish to you? Whether or not coding is a part of your life, I think we can all agree that our kids will have increased career opportunities if they have some basic computer programming know-how. Sandbox Academy has it all! The highly celebrated education centre has found its niche teaching kids aged 6 – 18 years STEM-focussed courses, specifically coding and robotics. The Richmond-based learning facility offers both online and in-person classes, seven days a week, for kids and families who are looking to get ahead in the digital education forum.

Sandbox Academy prides itself on offering a high-calibre curriculum in an environment strategically designed to inspire kids to think critically and creatively while using cutting-edge technology.

With the goal of guiding students towards university-level coding, Sandbox Academy has developed an eight-level program. Each level consists of two 5-month semesters (Fall and Spring) where the participants are taught computer algorithms by creating software that is applicable in the real world. Activities range from the development of simple 2D games to full virtual-reality apps. Classes happen once per week and run for 1-2 hours depending on the level.

Level 1 (Python Beginners) – ages 7 & 8

Students learn the basics of Python, by using the web engine PixelPAD, software specifically designed to teach students how to code. This course is intended for students with little to no technical background. Students will learn about input, x and y coordinates, conditions and collision.

Level 2 (Python Intermediate) – ages 8 & 9

Students at this level will create an RPG, which is a simple top-down 2D game where students learn how to make a game similar to popular titles such as Zelda. Students create a world with various characters, items and challenges.

Level 3 (Python Advanced) – ages 10+

In the third year of Python & PixelPAD, the students are introduced to programming concepts such as functions, different types of loops as well as mobile development.

Level 4 (Unity Intro) – ages 12+

Students will learn how to use Unity3D and will be primarily coding in C#. Students will write C# in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Level 5 (Unity Advanced) – ages 13+

Expanding on their knowledge from the level 4 course, students move into a 3D development environment, where students will need to understand 3-dimensional computer science and mathematical concepts, like the x,y,z cartesian system, raycasting 3D modelling, and 3D vectors.

Level 6 (Web Development) – ages 13+

Students will be introduced to the world of web development, where they will create their own website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Using professional tools they will learn about creating layouts, interactive elements and custom features for their website.

Level 7 (AP Computer Science) – ages 15 – 17

This course is designed to give students a rigorous foundation in computer science theory using the Java language. It is specifically designed to prepare students for concepts found in AP Computer Science courses, this course teaches students data structures, graph theory, time complexity analysis and algorithms.

Level 8 (CS Advanced) – ages 15 – 17

The CS800 series is meant for getting students ready for competition coding. This course is based on the CCC (Canadian Computing Competition) and the CEMC (Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing) at Waterloo University. These courses go through the same question sets provided by the CCC to help students prepare for the competition.

Registration for Sandbox Academy’s Fall semester is now open!

Sandbox Academy:

Address: 3265 – 4000 No 3 Road, Richmond
Phone: 778-404-1108