While we all wait for the beloved geodesic dome to re-open, we can fill our kids’ minds with loads of fascinating science-stuff thanks to Science World’s The Dome At Home! Look at all the great ways Science World is continuing to inspire a fascination with science during the COVID-quaratine.

Weekly Live Stream

Every Wednesday head to Science World’s Facebook page for a livestream of your favourite Centre Stage shows! If you miss the 2:20pm showing, don’t worry Science World is adding the most recent video to their website for you to enjoy when you have time.


Meet A Scientist

On May 19th (Tuesday), join Science World online for a hands-on workshop for kids! This 20 minute presentation aligns with grade 2 science but all enthusiastic young scientists are welcome to join. Come and have some splish-splashing fun (rubber duckies!) What floats, what sinks and why? Pre-registration for this free event is required as you need to receive a link to join the session.


Science World has literally hundreds of resources for activities and experiments you can do at home. And don’t worry, the activities use common household goods, no need to source obscure items on Amazon. Check out some of the examples of the learning opportunities available on their Resource page.

  • Air – Explore the impressive force of air and learn how air pressure affects your daily life.
  • Flight – Demystify lift, gravity, thrust, and drag when you examine how they all contribute to flight.
  • Coastal Connections – Investigate ecosystems that interact within the ocean and the impact of human activities.
  • Life of a Salmon – Identify the different stage of a salmon’s lifecycle and learn what factors affect their survival.

Science World’s The Dome At Home:

Website: www.scienceworld.ca/dome-at-home