Have you managed to see Science World‘s Springs, Sprockets & Pulleys display?  We went last weekend and WOW, we were ever impressed.  In typical Science World form, the exhibit appealed to all age groups.  Our 2 & 4 year olds raced around pushing buttons to activate the displays; their father and I wandered around in awe of the creations.

Science World describes the display as “fashioned from the stuff of farm auctions and scrap yards”.  The creator, Steve Gerberich, is an Iowa-born artist who has “an uncanny ability to notice extraordinary things in common objects.  Looking at a teapot, Gerberich sees a face, ready for the addition of eyes devised of nuts and bold, and ears made out of faucet handles.  In his hands, the hood of a bright red lawn tractor becomes the body of a razor-jawed sea creature with two beaming light-bulb eyes”.

Canada geese at Sprokets & pulleys at Science WorldBe prepared to be mesmerized by the suitcase-created Canada geese flying across the sky, and the multi-piece band leap into performance.  By pushing buttons or cranking wheels, visitors to the Springs, Sprockets & Pulleys display will be delighted to see the sculptures spring into surprising motion.

We had a blast and could have happily stayed there all day….too bad about those nap-things!